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Can I Have a Copy of Full Data Migration?

The short answer is yes, you definitely can.

But, let’s dwell a bit more on the topic to get things clear.

To create a copy, you’ll have to set up a new migration by repeating the setup, demo, and the actual migration parts with a minor difference when choosing the target platform – in this case, it has to be CSV. The copy doesn’t come free, but it’s not expensive either. By its nature, transfers to CSV are pretty cheap already. To top it off, we offer a 30% discount for anyone looking to create a Full Data Migration copy. The final price will come as a real bargain.

There are certain peculiarities to keep in mind:

  • By default, you’ll not be able to make a copy of custom fields. However, it’s possible through customization. Speaking of customizations, if you had any for your Full Data Migration, they would be applied to the copy free of charge.

  • Attachments are preserved in the copy.

That’s it. If you already had a data migration, another one should be of no difficulty for you as the general concept is identical.

If you still have some questions left, feel free to drop us a line. Our agents will get back to you in no time to give you all the answers.

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