How to check the result of Demo Migration in Intercom

Once your Demo Migration is complete, you’ll get a view of the table showing you an overall number of transferred records along with downloadable reports containing records IDs and the ‘View 20 records’ button.

how to check the results of demo migration in intercom

To proceed with the examination, press the ‘Download report’ offered for most of the Help Desk objects and open a CSV file. Right off the bat, you’ll see the records list with all the records IDs that were used for the Demo from the source database and respective new IDs in Intercom. Try to locate and examine each record in your new help desk. The report will look like this:

contacts ids intercom demo results

To check the tickets, click on the 'View 20 records' button and use the clickable IDs. Our team insists you spend some quality time checking all 20 tickets and related data. We kept the test portion of data intentionally small, so you can thoroughly check everything. If you’re also migrating Knowledge Base, inspect the articles, their statuses, and attachments.

tickets ids intercom demo results

Only when you make sure that Demo Migration went just fine, initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note that we will automatically remove the test portion of data from Intercom, so you won’t have any duplicates after the Full Migration.

When the Full Data Migration ends, you’ll see a similar table with similar downloadable reports. Make sure you give the same effort and time to examine everything to get the best experience working with Intercom.

In case something was not clear enough or you have trouble checking the results, feel free to drop us a line and someone from our support team will reach out to you in no time.

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