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Can I migrate Tickets without Contacts?

Unfortunately, migrating tickets alone is impossible. In order to preserve all relations between records, you need to migrate all objects, i.e. Tickets, Agents. Contacts, Groups, etc. Only in this case, our service will transfer everything in the same order as it was in your old help desk and your agents will be able to work with correct records.

Moreover, many platforms (e.g. Freshdesk, Freshservice, Kayako) do not allow complete removal of data, especially Users (Agents and Contacts). That’s because they are a vital connection point between all the records.

For instance, once you delete a contact in Freshdesk, the system does not remove it. Instead, it marks it as DELETED. If that deleted contact needs to submit a new request, their email will be picked up by Freshdesk but automatically put into the spam/trash folder.

Therefore, we do not recommend deleting contacts, agents or changing any other data once you have started the migration.

Filtering options

In case you need to move data only from a certain period of time or a number of purchased agent licenses is fewer on your future help desk, you can request a custom migration.

Depending on your current help desk platform we can apply certain filters to migrate a specific set of data. Also, if you need to reassign tickets between agents, please inform us in advance. For instance, we can reassign the tickets from those agents that will no longer be existent in the target platform to the available ones as you need. Otherwise, they will be assigned to a default agent.

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