Import and Export your Intercom Knowledge Base records with HDM service

Your Knowledge Base plays a vital role. It is your customer self-service portal and it is a must-have if you want to meet customer needs and expectations. After all, to deliver excellent service, one must listen, learn, and improve their offerings. This is why our team made it possible to automatically transfer your Knowledge Base records to and from Intercom without the need of a CSV file. Keep reading for more details.

What’s different?

The Intercom Knowledge Base system is a little bit different from the standard bunch. Both, the file management and appearance of the module are unique in that Intercom allows users to migrate knowledge base articles to and from other help desks using conventional methods such as a CSV file.

But before we can provide the answer to your question which is how you can move your Intercom export data fast, let’s look over the differences in data organization in the Intercom Knowledge Base.

As a user of Intercom data, you may already know that there is no such thing as Categories in its Knowledge Base. The Articles are organized in Sections, which in turn, belong to Collections. As a result, all export data records migrate to the default category in the target help desk.

You can see this in the picture below:

Try to export your knowledge base from Intercom

Collections are top folders, which contain both Sections and Articles. Since Collections and Sections migrate like folders, Articles will be linked accordingly.

Here’s how it all looks like:

Now you can export your Knowledge Base from Intercom

Export knowledge base from Intercom

Collections organization

Try and export your knowledge base from Intercom

Sections organization

Additional capabilities

  • Data export from Intercom. During the Knowledge Base data migration from Intercom, you can transfer articles, inline images, HTML code, and embedded videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, StreamIO, or Vidyard in Articles. Moreover, you can migrate Call-To-Action and other buttons. In other words, you can export Intercom data almost in full.
  • Data import to Intercom. When you’re importing your Knowledge Base records to Intercom remember the following: in articles, you can migrate inline images and HTML code. Additionally, our tool allows you to transfer embedded videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, Loom, StreamIO, or Vidyard in Articles. You aren't limited to conversation data either by the way.
However, keep in mind that if you try to transfer videos from other sources, the export data migration will fail.

However, the location of some of these blocks can differ from the original ones. To give you an idea, buttons that are centered in the Intercom Knowledge Base may appear on the left in your new platform. Technically, your Intercom data is still intact but the location can differ dramatically.

P. S. Some platforms (e.g. Zendesk) fully or partially restrict the visibility of such special content in their Knowledge Bases. To be able to see it after the migration, don’t forget to turn on the display of unsafe content. To do it in Zendesk, follow this short guide.

Check it out for yourself

Migrate your Knowledge Base records to or from Intercom and deliver excellent customer service now! Why waste time manually copying and pasting articles, or even worse, start from scratch. Take a shortcut by automatically doing the data export and only then making the necessary adjustments. Move your conversation data, re-migrate data updated over a week ago, and click export all without worry, and a CSV file.

Try setting up your Free Demo Migration from or to Intercom and see how easily it works yourself. We hope our article gives you the answer your question has been needing so desperately, but in the meantime, thank you for dropping by.

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