10 Customer Service Podcasts to Become a CX Expert

Podcasts have become an extremely popular way of learning thanks to their convenience and functionality. And the more popular they are the more content people are creating every day. So as customer service topic is constantly evolving.

Companies and marketers don’t always know how to deal with customer service in the right way. In this case, listening to podcasts on the topic can be really helpful. In case you are also looking for what to begin with, or just want to explore the customer experience topic more, we can help you. If you want to develop the main approaches for the improvement of your customer experience, consider this list. Here are the top 10 customer service podcasts we recommend listening to.

1. The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

The hostess is Jeanne Bliss who also has a broad experience in customer service management. She’s a five-time Chief Customer Officer and the author of the book “Chief Customer Officer 2.0”. The podcast contains numerous leadership, operations, and business transformation practices from Customer Experience Executives at companies that are known worldwide.

The experts aren’t afraid to share what really works for customer experience and what doesn’t sharing examples from their own experience. All these in order to teach and unite companies to earn the right customer-driven growth.

Going live: once a week.
Subscription channels: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts.

2. Repeat Customer

The author is Zendesk - a leading customer support software provider. The podcast is concentrated on going behind the scenes of different brands with high-quality customer experience. Talking to leaders and experts in the sphere as well as to customers, they uncover how exactly companies provide their unforgettable customer service. Listen to Zendesk’s podcast to learn about the challenges businesses face throughout their way and why their customers enjoy working with them so much.

Going live: every two weeks.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher.

3. Amazing Business Radio

The host of the show is Shep Hyken - a New York Times bestselling author and customer service expert. He features interviews with professionals and business people in customer experience sphere. Each guest shares his/her personal practices on how to succeed in business by providing great customer service. Listen to this podcast and learn the best practices in order to create a consistent customer experience and make your organization customer-centric indeed.

Going live: once a week.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher.

4. The Intuitive Customer Podcast

The podcast is created by Beyond Philosophy, a pioneer company in customer experience which remains so today. Hosted by company founder, Colin Shaw, the Intuitive Customer teaches how to create ROI, improve your customer and marketing experience, and gain customer loyalty by embracing behavioral economics. Imagine taking up some aspect of customer behavior and putting it on the business sphere to discuss how business can change to best serve them. That’s what you’ll find in the Intuitive Customer Podcast - loads of discussions about psychological experiences and impact they make on customer experience.

Going live: once a week.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher.

5. The Modern Customer Podcast

The Modern Customer Podcast is a Blake Morgan’s show that provides surprising and counter-intuitive insights on social customer service and dives into leadership topics related to CX. What makes the podcast worth listening to? Blake Morgan is a Forbes contributor and customer experience strategist that discusses CX and related topics with guests that include practitioners, authors, influencers. After listening to this podcast you’ll learn how to build a customer-centric company, leverage technology for the benefit of great customer service, and just stand out of a crowded field of your competitors.

Going live: no determined schedule.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify.

6. Focus on Customer Service

The podcast is hosted by Dan Gindiss, an expert in marketing, social media, customer experience, and service. The podcast itself is mainly focused on customer service, of course, however with a small peculiarity. The host discusses customer service as one provided via social media that became the top channel and left behind previously most popular emailing and calling. The guests of the show were picked by the listeners, sharing their practices how they are managing their social customer care. So, if you were looking for a unique podcast dedicated to social media specifically, Focus on Customer Service is right for you.

Going live: closed. The total number of episodes - 51.
Subscription Channels: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud.

7. What It Means: A Forrester Podcast

This one focuses on the main changes in modern business and explains why nowadays it is called the age of customers. You can be completely sure of the quality of the podcast as it’s based on in-depth research on customer service topics conducted by Forrester, the market research team. The data is presented in an understandable and ready-to-use form, showing a clear picture of today’s constantly changing market. You will learn what are these changes, what do they mean, and what executives can do about them. Listen to the podcast and experience a real digital transformation journey.

Going live: once a week.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify, TuneIn.

8. This is CX

Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen lead a number of discussions about all-things customer experience. They want businesses to understand what great customer experience is and how companies can reach it with their efforts in order to gain real value. In each episode of their podcasts, they share their personal experiences including best practices that you can imply to your workflow directly. You will be able to listen to several interviews with experts as well. But their main challenge still remains to make this business world a little bit more customer-centric.

Going live: once a month.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts.

9. Support Ops

A team of four experts from completely different companies created their own podcast for you to become a real support pro. They produced over 150 episodes covering every case that can occur in customer support. These were created with any company in mind to offer a helpful resource where they can find any ready solution. Look through their best episodes, find advice for what your company is facing at the given moment or just go through each of them. Anyways you will learn how to make your customers choose you over competitors each time!

Going live: closed. The total number of episodes - 159.
Subscription channels: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts.

10. Customer Support & Success

We couldn’t but mention our own podcast focused on customer support and successful approaches in modern days. These two are great fields of interest, so there’s a wide variety of topics that are already and soon to be discussed. The most important point for our podcasts is to tell you how to deal with modern customers with an emphasis on digitalization and self-service.

Going live: three times a week.
Subscription channels: Apple Podcasts.

What podcast should you listen to?

So, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, our podcast list will be useful for anyone looking for information on the customer service topic. But you don’t have to limit yourself only with these 10! The podcasts number keeps growing in any niche - it’s just a matter of your choice which one is worth the attention. Be sure to choose something full of quality information. And anyway, keep learning. It has never been so exciting before!

P. S. Not really into podcasts? No problem! here are our lists of top 7 customer service books and best 10 customer support blogs. Check them out, you'll definitely find something to read on a daily basis!

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