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Disabling Ticket Status Automations on HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service Hub has several Automations that can change the statuses of all tickets to “Waiting on contact” if it’s turned on. To keep the original ticket status when migrating to HubSpot, disable these automations before starting your data migration.

Here’s the instruction for disabling these Automations:

1. Login to your HubSpot Service Hub account.

2. Go to Settings in the main navigation bar.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Settings

3. Choose Tickets under Objects in the left sidebar.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Objects

4. Click on the Pipelines tab.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Pipelines

5. In the Select a pipeline section, choose the required ticket pipeline.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Selected Pipeline

6. Then go to the Automate tab.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Automate

7. Clear the checkbox next to “An email is sent to a customer” and “A customer replies to an email” to disable automations.

HubSpot Ticket Statuses Disable

Now, you can continue with your data migration to HubSpot.

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