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How to migrate tickets and article tags to ServiceNow

Before migrating your tickets and articles to ServiceNow, you need to receive certain permissions. In such a way, you ensure that ticket and article tags migrate properly during the data import.

To receive permissions, you need to carry out the following settings:

Step 1. Go to the main ServiceNow browser window.

Step 2. Then, open User menu, where you need to choose Elevate Roles.

ServcieNow User Menu

Step 3. Put a tick next to security_admin.

ServiceNow Elevate Role

Step. 4. Press OK to save settings.

Note: Only users with security_admin roles use operations “can create”, “can delete” or “can update” for tables in Access Controls.

To enable operation “can create” you need to undergo the following steps:

Step 1. Go to System Definition, then to Tables. Look for the table “lable_entry”.

ServiceNow Table

ServiceNow Entry Table

Step 2. Go to the Access Controls and press New.

ServiceNow Access Controls

Step 3. Choose operation “Create”.

ServiceNow Operation Create

In the Access Control for label_entry, you need to create two permissions “create” for Table key and Table.

ServiceNow Permissions

Step 4. Select “Table” next to Label Entry [label_entry] and press Submit.

ServiceNow Table Create

Step 5. Then choose “Table key” and click on Submit as well.

ServiceNow Table Key Create

Note: These permissions allow you to create and link tags to tickets and articles properly.

Got questions concerning tickets and article tags transferring? Reach out to our support team for help.

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