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How to migrate tickets and article tags to ServiceNow

Help Desk Migration service allows you to migrate different types of entities, however, sometimes the process requires additional preparation. Speaking of data import to ServiceNow, you should carry out certain settings in case you want to migrate ticket and article tags.

Step 1. Log in to your account on ServiceNow;

Step 2. Go to System Definition, then to Tables. Look for the table “lable_entry”;

You need this table to ensure whether all tags are connected to tickets and knowledge base.


Step 3. In the “Application Access” tab, check if the checkbox for an option “can create” is on;


Step 4. Additionally, go to Access Controls and check whether an Operation “can create” is available for the fields “label_entry.table_key” and “label_entry.table”.


Note: If you are a user with the admin role, you can’t use operations “can create”, “can delete” or “can update” for tables in Access Controls. It means that you can’t migrate your ticket and article tags properly. In ServiceNow, only users with the security_admin roles can manage these operations. That’s why you need to change your role to the security_admin so that you are allowed to create an Operation “can create” in the Access Controls. To do so, you need to follow the next instructions:

Step 1. Go to the main ServiceNow browser window;

Step 2. Then, open the User menu, where you need to choose the Elevate Roles menu item;


Step 3. Change your role to the security_admin;


Step 4. Return to the table “lable_entry”, and go to the Access Controls;


Step 5. Finally, press the “New” button, where you can design an Operation “create” for the fields “label_entry.table_key” and “label_entry.table”.


If you still have any questions concerning tickets and article tags transferring or you need some assistance with the help desk migration, then our support team will gladly help you with the process.

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