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How to create users in HubSpot Service Hub

To create new users in HubSpot Service Hub, first of all, make sure that you have the necessary Add and Edit users permission. Admins have this permission by default. All the other users have to be granted this permission to be able to add new users. So, if you’re not an Admin, here’s how to give the Add and edit users permission:

1. Go to Settings.

HibSpot Service Hub Settings

2. Go to Users & Teams tab and click on the name of the user you want to enable the permission.

Users and Teams in HubSpot

3. From the More drop-down list, select Admin.

Edit users in HubSpot

4. Toggle the Add and edit users switch on and click Save.

Admin Access in HubSpot

Now, you have the necessary Admin permissions to add new users to your Service Hub.

So, let’s finally see how to add a new user to the system:

1. Again, in your HubSpot account, go to Settings and then, Users & Teams.

2. In the top-right corner, click Create user.

Creating users in HubSpot

3. You can manually input one or several email addresses for all the users you want to add to your Service Hub. Or, you can import multiple users at once with a CSV file by clicking on the corresponding button. When you’re ready, click Next.

Create users in HubSpot

4. On this step, grant the access and permissions you’d like to give to this user.

If you’re adding multiple users, the permissions will be set for all the users from the list.

You can read a full breakdown of HubSpot permissions here. When you’re ready, click Next again.

Setting up user permissions in HubSpot Service Hub

5. Finally, click Send in the last page, to send a welcoming email to the users and give them access to your account. Each email should contain their HubSpot password. Now, the users can log into HubSpot and set up their accounts.

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