How to Create a Data Backup in Lansweeper to Migrate Your Data

When migrating your data from Lansweeper, the Migration Wizard will ask you to provide the ZIP backup file with all your Lansweeper data.

To backup your database in Lansweeper, you will have to:

1. Download the preferred version of the Microsoft Visual Studio on your computer, or if you already have one - simply open it.

2. Install the extension SQLite/SQL Server Compact Toolbox. The latter is needed to perform the next steps of this guide. To install the extension, click on ‘Extensions' then hit the ‘Manage extensions’ button. From the list of extensions select SQLite/SQL Server Compact Toolbox.

visual studio extensions

3. Open Server Explorer and locate the connection. If you’ve been working with databases previously, there’s a high chance that you already have the needed connection. In case you don’t, we’re going to show you how to add one.

server explorer

4. To add the connection, press the Tools button and open the SQLite/SQL Server Compact Toolbox. Then, select Tools again, but this time choose Connect to the database and you’ll see a new pop-up. From that, click on the Server name, and the tool will review existing servers and come up with the connection. When the search is complete, you’ll see the name of the server to select. Choose or enter the database name - Lansweeper.db. Before you proceed, test the connection by hitting the corresponding button to see if the connection works properly. If everything looks good, hit OK. The server is now added to your connection.

adding connection to server

5. Now, click on the ‘Add SQL Server connection’ button and select the server that we created above to add it to the toolbox. Now, when your connection is there, right-click on the name and press the ‘Migrate to SQL…” button. Select all the tables and hit ‘OK’. Name the file lansweeper and save the dump to your computer.

adding sql server connection

Please note: Check if the file has the proper structure. It should meet the following requirements: Folder dblansweeper.db (file).

Keep in mind that you will not be notified about the end of the import. However, there are two signs to look for to make sure your dump is ready to be used:

  • The size of your dump remains stable for a long time;
  • You see only one file in db folder instead of two:

lansweeper dump

The import is still in progress

lansweeper dump import complete

The import is complete

6. If you want to export attachments as well, locate them by following this path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\helpdesk\files

(for Windows users) and compile the 'files' folder and the dump itself into a single ZIP file.

Now that you have a backup file, go back to Migration Wizard and upload the file to our tool. Hit ‘Continue’ to establish a connection between the tool and our service.

That’s it. If something wasn’t clear enough, or you’d like to get into more details, feel free to browse our Help Center or contact our team for help.

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