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How to Consolidate Two Help Scout Instances

You may run into instances when combining two Help Scout accounts is necessary or makes sense workflow-wise. One such example is the case of J Skis and 4FRNT. They were looking to consolidate their Help Scout accounts to manage two brands in the same ecosystem.

Regardless of what your reason is, you can migrate conversations and docs using our service.

Consolidating Help Scout instances

Before you go to our Migration Wizard to begin your migration, you need to make one temporary adjustment. Because Help Scout does not allow two identical emails in its system (even when those emails are registered in different Help Scout accounts) you need to change agents’ email addresses.

This instruction describes what you need to do as well as provides guidance on how to connect both accounts: How to migrate from one Help Scout account to another

Customizing your migration

We can customize your order by changing the agent to ticket mapping. This is going to be helpful if you have any retired profiles or you simply want to reassign some tickets. To get this service, drop us a message in the live chat telling us your requirements.

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