How to check the result of Demo Migration in HubSpot Service Hub

Right after the trial migration to HubSpot Service Hub is complete, you will see a table depicting different types of records along with the number of entities transferred during the demo. However, you aren’t just limited to that, you also get to download a CSV report for each record type, except for tickets. With tickets, you get a ‘View 20 records’ button. This is meant to ease the whole process of checking the demo results.

how to check the results of demo migration in hubspot service hub

Once you click on the ‘Download report’ for a certain record type, a CSV file will open, containing the IDs of tickets that were used for the Demo from the source database and respective new IDs in HubSpot Service Hub. Try to find and examine each record in your new help desk. It should look like this:

contacts ids hubspot service hub demo results

To examine the tickets, click on the ‘View 20 records’ button. This will open another list with IDs that are fully clickable. Go through each ticket and check if everything along with Type, Status, Priority, Source and Custom Fields, Requester, Agent, and Tags. If you are moving your Knowledge Base, make sure if all the articles have correct statuses. Then, check the rest of the data. If all the bonds were established in Hubspot Service Hub correctly, you can move on to the Full Data Migration.

tickets ids hubspot service hub demo results

Note that you don't need to manually delete tickets in HubSpot Service Hub to avoid any duplicates. Our service will automatically remove them for you before the Full Data Migration.

Similar reports will also appear after the Full Data Migration, so make sure you make full use of them.

If you happen to have any trouble checking the result or something seems a bit unclear, reach out to our friendly support team.

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