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Where can I get HelpScout API Key, Docs API Key and Mailbox ID?

UPD: since Help Scout rolled out a new version of their API, you no longer need the Help Scout API key to set up the migration.

All you need are:

  • The ID of the Mailbox
  • Docs API key and
  • Docs site ID

Getting the Mailbox ID

Go to Dashboard and select Settings>Edit mailbox on the mailbox you want to use for the migration.

Help Scout Mailbox
Once the page loads, copy the last six digits in the address bar. This is your Mailbox ID.

Help Scout Mailbox ID

Getting the Docs API key

Click on your profile picture and select Your Profile.

Choose Authentication in the sidebar and click API Keys. There you will find the Docs API key.

Help Scout Docs API

Getting the Docs site ID

To find the Docs site go to the Dashboard. Select the Docs you want to use for the migration, and click Site settings:

Once the settings page loads, copy the value from the address bar.
Help Scout Docs site

Collect all values and continue setting up your data migration. Should you have any questions? Ping us via live chat or leave us a message.

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