Export your Outlook Records to a Help Desk with HDM

We have great news for those planning a data migration to a new help desk but having their support records in Outlook. Recently, our team of developers added a new feature to Migration Wizard. And you’ve guessed it right - it’s an Outlook data export option to finally start using professional software for managing your customer requests.

Peculiarities of such Migration

As always, we’ll tell what you should expect from this kind of migration, as Outlook obviously has a data organization approach that differs from one in any of the help desks. So, you have to be prepared for some changes. This is how Outlook data will move to a help desk:

  • Emails will become Tickets;
  • Contacts will become Customers;
  • The account owner(user) will become an Agent;
  • Attachments in emails will become Ticket Attachments;
  • Email replies will become Public Notes;
  • Inline Images will migrate in Ticket Attachments;

Outlook credentials to move to Zendesk

Now, let’s move on to the way how certain records migrate.

1. Tickets.
As you may already know, Outlook has such a thing as hidden text in emails. This text together with its attachments will be put into a ticket reply, regardless of whether there was a reply to the email or not, and if it originally had any attachments in Outlook.

Also, during the mapping stage in Migration Wizard, all the tickets will be shown in the Closed status.

2. Contacts.
When reviewing the data after your Demo Migration, in the “Available records for All Data migration” column, you will see the number of contacts that equals the number of People you have in your Outlook account (without the contacts from the tickets). But, in the “Amount of migrated records during demo” column you will see the sum of contacts from your People section + from the migrated tickets. That’s why the number in this column can be bigger than you expect.

Outlook Demo Complete

3. Organizations.
During the demo preview, the “Available records for All Data migration” column for Organizations will always be equal to 0. That’s because there is no such section as Organizations in Outlook. After the migration to the target platform, we will substitute them with info from the available Contacts.

4. Agents.
All tickets in the help desk will be assigned to the person who is an account owner in Outlook.

5. Inline Images.
All migrated Inline Images will be displayed as Ticket Attachments.

What our service won’t export

You cannot export such records as:

  • Groups
  • Private Notes
  • Custom Fields
  • and Tags

...simply because they don’t exist in Outlook.

Try out the Migration Wizard

If you’re now ready to transfer to a robust help desk from your Outlook account, try setting up a Free Demo Migration. The Migration Wizard will move 20 random records from your Outlook to a help desk of your choice so that you can check the tool functionality first and only then start the full migration. If you have any additional questions, check out our Knowledge Base or leave us a message.

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