Database Migration: The Step-by-Step Data Import Guide

Have you in mind setting up a Database migration? Our team has got you covered. From now on, you can import your help desk data to create SQLite Database automatedly. Plus, you can migrate data to other databases by launching a customized data migration.

Read on the step-by-step guide to import data to create SQLite Database.

What is Database Migration?

Database migration is the process of moving your data from one software to another. You can set up migration for various reasons: to backup data, to prepare for a future data transfer, or to save money by moving data to another cloud-based database. When you move your data to a Database, multiple users can access and query it at the same time. Besides, databases can hold much bigger collections of data so you can save lots of customer records.

What Records You Can Import During Database Migration?

With Help Desk Migration, you can transfer such help desk objects as:

  • Tickets with attachments, private and public notes
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Groups
  • “Created at” date of comments and comments’ authors
  • “Created at”, “Updated at”, and “Closed at” dates of tickets
  • Tags

Besides, you can move such knowledge base objects as:

  • Articles
  • Folders
  • Categories
  • Attachments
  • Tags

How to Import SQLite Database?

Follow these steps to import your help desk data to a Database:

1. Sign up to your Migration Wizard account. Then press Start Migration.

2. Choose your source platform and provide access credentials.

Database Migration Source

3. Select Database as your target platform and pick SQLite in the Driver field.

Database Migration SQLite

4. Define the data you want for your Database migration.

Database Migration Select Objects

5. Press on tickets to set up the ticket field mapping.

Database Migration Mapping Tickets

6. Map the article fields as well.

Database Migration Mapping Articles

7. Perform a Free Demo migration and import a sample to SQLite Database.

Database Migration Demo Complete

8. Download dumps for tickets and ticket attachments.

Database Migration Download Dumps

9. Click on Download dumps next to articles to do the same.

Note: The database for tickets or articles is general. It means that you can open a window for tickets and download the database that contains both tickets and knowledge base data. Only attachments have different archives.

10. Proceed to payment to launch the Full data migration.

Note: If you choose another Driver for the Database migration, you need to configure the connection. You need to provide your

  • Host
  • Port
  • Database
  • Username
  • Password

Database Migration Driver

Note: If you still have any questions concerning Database migration, reach out to our data migration experts.

The results of your data migration depend on your preparation and the tool you use. With the information below and the Help Desk Migration service, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. Still, if you want to schedule your data migration, contact our customer support team.

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