Data Migration From and To eDesk is Now Possible with Help Desk Migration

We are happy to announce that we recently added a new feature to our Migration Wizard. From now on, an automated migration service from and to eDesk platform is available with our Help Desk Migration service.

You will be able to move your records including:

  • Tickets;
  • Contacts;
  • Agents;
  • Public and Private Notes;
  • and Custom Fields.

Now, let’s go through the main peculiarities that occur during the migration from and to eDesk.

Export from eDesk

1. All Tickets migrated from eDesk will be assigned to the account owner as to an Agent responsible for their resolution.
2. Custom Fields of Select type are only possible to move to the String field type. If you map them to migrate to any other type of field, they won't migrate at all.

Import to eDesk

1. If the Ticket had two requesters at the same time, after the migration all the replies will be displayed as on the behalf of original requester from the source platform.
2. If you deleted a Contact on the source platform earlier, it will migrate to eDesk as Contact
3. You need to manually create Agents in eDesk beforehand if you want to migrate them from your old help desk.

Now that you know all the details, don’t hesitate to try our Migration Wizard and set up a Free Demo from or to eDesk on our website! In case of any additional questions, feel free to visit our Knowledge Base or Contact us.

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