Cherwell Service Desk Review

With so many different reviewers slowly start to cover Cherwell Service Desk, it’s prime time we look at it as well. The tool gained some traction of late and for good reasons, it received a pretty hefty update. But we aren’t here to discuss the update itself but rather what the whole tool is about.

That is right, today we will be covering in full detail Cherwell Service Desk. We will touch upon the different tools it has, as well as we will look at the usability rate. Thus, sit tight, grab yourself a cup of coffee and let's get started.

Cherwell Service Desk Overview

First thing first, before we start dissecting small little details, it’s best that we cover in general what the whole thing is about and what the main purpose of the tool. So, Cherwell Service Desk is an IT Service Management system (ITSM) that is designed to streamline all your processes through automation. Aside from automation, the tool employs a wide range of different features that are not only helpful but extremely easy to set up.

The features themselves are designed to conform to the eleven ITIL processes, meaning that it is very flexible and scalable. Both HR and IT operation can be accelerated and streamlined to your needs. Additionally, in case you need more control over your channels and workspaces, the integration module will help you out.

Returning to the features, the tool is also equipped with a Change Management module which can be used to help your employees adapt to new additions. Also as part of the system is the Incident and Request Management feature. This system is designed in a bi-directional manner, essentially allowing you to tackle issues on both ends (yours and customers issues).

Last but most certainly not least, the tool is made in a way that would let you design and configure specific workflows. Having this ability will allow you to create efficient work practices, as well as gain additional clarity.

Key Features

Outside of the above-mentioned functions, users can also rely on the following list of key features. Keep in mind that there are more features and listing them all would hurt the readability of the article. Therefore, we decided to focus only on the most important ones.

  • App Dependence Mapping
  • IT Service Desk Support
  • IT Self-Service Portal
  • Dashboard and Reporting
  • New, Codeless Architecture
  • ITIL Processes
  • Service Integration and Management
  • Multiple Source Service Integration
  • Configuration Database For Management(CMDB)

Cherwell Software

Enhancements You Get

The tool has a wide range of different modules to handle different things, yet, what sets this tool apart is its ability to enhance several processes both passively and actively. Here are some of the most noteworthy enhancements you can experience after the installation process:

Boost your IT service operations

One of the key benefits of Cherwell service is the fact that it was created with IT Service Management in mind. This means that you can rely on a list of custom automation patterns, advanced monitoring systems, and perhaps the best part of the tool, analyze industry trends and behaviors in just a few clicks.

Improved IT visibility

The tool can be hooked to a huge range of tools that you can track. This small passive ability will bring you unification and increased visibility across the board. Having everything in one place will ease the process of identifying what is your bottleneck, as well as what kind of opportunities you have.

Encourage self-service

As the name implies, Cherwell Service Desk can be used to promote self-service on a large scale. Thanks to the drag-and-drop like functionality, you can configure dashboards, service forms, and even site navigation in just a few taps. With Cherwell, you don’t need to answer the same question over and over, just redirect your user to the solution.

Quick and flexible deployment

No need to waste a whole day just setting up the system. With the Cherwell Service Desk, you are just a few clicks away from work. Be it a the on-premise option or the web version, all you have to do is fill in a small form and you are good to go. Outside of deployment, you can shift to another plan just by clicking on the plan itself. That way you can scale your work as soon as you feel the need to do so.

Cherwell Service Desk Review

Issues You Can Solve With Cherwell Software

These issues are just a fraction of what you can tackle with Cherwell Service Desk. But they do a pretty good job of demonstrating what the tool is capable of. There are many more ways you can use it to your advantage once you start hooking it with different external systems.

Problem #1: If Automation Set Up Is Problem

If you are having trouble setting up automation manually, the tool offers you the ability to undertake a small tutorial where you can learn all the intricacies of automation. And in case that doesn’t exactly solve your issue, you can pick from a pool of different automation templates and just fill in the necessary details for it to work. The tool works across the whole system and you can even dedicate separate sandbox where your agents can configure what they want without affecting the whole help desk.

Problem #2: You have a problem that only your code can solve it

To address this issue, Cherwell created the tool using an open source like approach to the development. The company allows you to add custom modules to the system, and for those who understand little in programming can poke around in the advanced settings. These settings allow you to turn on and off all kinds of things without coding.

Problem #3: It has become hard to manage your install base

With this tool, you can adjust, resize, sort all your users the way you see fit. And it's not just sorting that you can do, with Cherwell you can establish an infinite number of dashboards where you can put all kinds of real-time statistics. And finally, you can even hook third-party tracking tools to get a broader look at the whole thing.

Cherwell Service Desk Overview

Pricing Options

As for pricing, the company gives you two option, one being monthly and the other, well, yearly. Generally speaking, the pricing system is pretty standard. And as you might have guessed, they offer a free trial as well. The company doesn’t state the prices on their website but if we had to guess, they aren’t very expensive. You can head over to their website and settle on a call where a representative will tell you how much it will cost you.

Technical details

As for technical details, the tool is pretty good as it supports every major platform and can be used on multiple devices. Additionally, the service desk comes in multiple languages and can be self-hosted. Here’s how the full list of technical specs looks like:
Language Support

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French

Customer Types

  • Medium Size Businesses

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise

Pricing Model

  • Yearly
  • Monthly

As you can see, the tool is pretty complete and looking at the companies track record, they will surely add new languages and platforms in the future.


While it all might sound super good on paper, there is still a slight possibility that Cherwell just not for you. After all, each company is unique and a scenario where one size fits all just doesn’t work. Hence why we compiled a group of different help desk systems that are not just clones of Cherwell. They are solid alternatives that have their own unique features.

Zendesk — There are many good service desk systems, and suffice to say, Zendesk always pops up on the list. And for good reasons too. It's a very polished system that has a multitude of different features you can use to improve your staying power on the market. One of the key benefits Zendesk brings to the table is multi-brand support. Yes, with Zendesk, you don’t need to worry about getting an individual help desk for all your brands. You can manage everything using only one tool.

Jira Service Desk — Jira has been a mainstay of the service desk industry. The tool is a combination of high-quality features and stability. Another vital part about Jira Service Desk is their marketplace which allows you to expand the average amount of features even further. Finally, there’s the native integration system that lets you hook Jira Service Desk with other Atlassian products. Thus, if you’ve been using Confluence, Jira CRM, or any other product, chaining and synchronizing them is just a few clicks away.

ProProfs — You know a service desk is good when you see Sony in their customer list. Indeed, as the name implies, ProProfs is a very powerful help desk tool that you can use to boost your workflow. The main feature of the system is its ability to reduce customer calls through clever self-service knowledge bases. The system will automatically push your customers an article that will address their needs, as well as it will ask them to fill in a small survey for you to understand better what you lack.

DeskRoll — The platform has been home to many well-known companies. After all, the features DeskRoll offers its customers are quite fascinating. You get a fully functional remote module that will allow you to work with multiple departments seamlessly, as well as you get cross-platform compatibility. The tool also has a really good security system in place so that you don’t have to worry about stuff such as interception or phishing attempts. Lastly, the tool has a decent reporting tool that will allow you to track product, agent, and even brand performance.

Reviews on Cherwell Service Desk

User Satisfaction

While the tool is definitely well-crafted, there are a few reports from users regarding analytics and the fact that it does require a lot of knowledge to use certain features effectively. Although, in spite of all this, the tool is flexible and can be adapted to whatever workflow you like. Another pro about the tool is the fact that it is perfect for stuff such as screen sharing with other people. The connection is super stable as it does not utilize a P2P (peer to peer) connection. But it opts for a proper server based one. Overall, the tool is good and many prefer it over popular option due to it being super reliable.

Cherwell reviews

Brian E. — The best part about the tool is that no matter where you end up poking, chances are, you can configure it. We used the tool to build HR functionality and ease a lot of processes and its not just HR, we use it organization-wide in different departments. The only noticeable drawback we’ve managed to spot is the fact that the tool is constantly expanding and a number of account reassignments are kind of big. But other than that, its a very nice system that you can use however you like.

John L. — Cherwell and flexibility are synonymous and this is exactly what we like the most about the tool. The licensing model is flexible and makes sense in practically every business case. The key disadvantage, however, would be the fact that it can get complicated once you reach the low-lever configs. Not a good fit for people that like to readjust their apps on a constant basis. Yet, this also means that it allows non-developers to create their own solutions and scenarios.

Anonymous — Most of our people agree that the tool shines when it comes to customizability. The good thing is that you can create reports for whatever you want and that it can integrate with our Active Directory. Our company employs CMDB and change management with a wide range of tools within it. The key issue we had with the tool is that it might be flexible, it's also very complex. The native knowledge base feature alongside with search functionality isn’t exactly great either. When we want to find a certain KB article, we have to make so many different hoops through boxes and checks that it becomes frustrating at times.


Overall, the Cherwell help desk system is a pretty solid tool that continues to improve as time goes on. There are many small caveats that might turn you off Cherwell service management but we suggest that you at least give it a shot. But that’s about wraps our Cherwell software review. If you decided on trying Cherwell Software out, consider using our automated migration tool. There's a Free Demo Migration available, so don't hesitate!

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