Automatically export your OTRS tickets with ease

Are you wondering how to transfer your OTRS tickets to a CSV file or maybe directly to the new help desk? Then, we have a solution for you! Use Help Desk Migration to easily export all the records from OTRS to a target platform or a CSV file. No coding experience or advanced technical knowledge required to set up a data migration. So why not try it out?

Which records can I export with Help Desk Migration service?

Using our Migration Wizard, you can easily export all your data, including:

  • Tickets together with Attachments, Public, and Private Notes
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • and Groups

You can automatically export all these from your OTRS account to a new environment. Now, let’s move on to the setup process.

Setting up a data export from OTRS

Our service supports the automated data migration from OTRS of 4, 5, and 6 versions with the on-premise deployment method only. If these parameters are different from your OTRS version, please contact our team for more info.

To start the data export from OTRS, sign up on our website and set up a new data migration. From the list of available platforms, pick OTRS as a source one. Then, provide the required access credentials to allow the Migration Wizard to reach your help desk data. In the case of OTRS, you have to provide the Host, Port, Database, Username, and Password from your account.

Connecting OTRS

Then, after clicking Continue, do the same with the target system. This is required for the tool to access your both old and new system and transfer the records between them.

The next step is data mapping. Here, you’ll have to select the OTRS objects you want to export and map their fields if needed.

Mapping OTRS data: step 1

Mapping OTRS data: step 2

When ready with data mapping, start the demo migration. The system will transfer 20 random records to the target system within 5 minutes for you to preview the demo result before setting up the full migration. If you’re satisfied with the demo migration result, you can start the full data migration.

Demo preview

Export OTRS easily!

Don’t waste your time and try setting up your free demo migration right now! And in case you have some questions or additional requirements for your export, feel free to contact us at any time! See you soon!

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