ServiceNow Knowledge Base Automatic Migration Is Now Available with HDM

Have you been thinking of migrating from ServiceNow (SNOW), but the inability to migrate your Knowledge Base was the only thing that was holding you back? Well, in such a case, we have some good news for you.

Help Desk Migration team is excited to present you with a new possibility for your data migration: from now on, you can automatically export your ServiceNow Knowledge Base.

Sounds appealing? Keep reading for more details.

What entities can you migrate from ServiceNow (SNOW)?

The Help Desk Migration service can help you to migrate different entities from and to a wide variety of platforms. When speaking about the ServiceNow service desk specifically, first and foremost, we have added a possibility to automatically export the Knowledge Base, including such entities as Articles, Tags, and Attachments.

Along with the Knowledge Base migration, you can also export Incidents, Contacts, Organizations, Agents, Groups, both Public and Private Notes, Comments, Custom Fields, and other entities from the ServiceNow service desk and transfer them to another software of your choice. Moreover, you can migrate your ITSM records from ServiceNow using the Help Desk Migration service.

Now you know that it is possible to conduct your Knowledge Base migration and export other entities from ServiceNow, so it’s time to figure out a way to initiate this procedure.

How can you set up the migration process?

Well, don’t worry as we, the Help Desk Migration team, will be glad to help you out here. Our HDM service can assist you in an effortless, quick, and secure migration of your data from one platform to another. Furthermore, you will be able to try a free demo data migration and export your Knowledge Base and other entities from ServiceNow in just a few clicks. To do so, follow these easy steps:

1. Select ServiceNow as a source platform.

ServiceNow as migration source

2. Don’t forget to indicate your target platform, too.

ServiceNow KB export

3. Type in the necessary credentials. Note that the credentials for ServiceNow include your username, password, and workplace URL.

Note: If you’re worried about sharing your access credentials, don’t be. This is solely required to make it possible for the Migration Wizard to access and transfer the data between platforms.

4. Select the Knowledge Base and other entities you want to migrate from ServiceNow.

Select objects for migration from ServiceNow

5. Proceed to the mapping stage, and pay special attention when matching the ticket fields. Make sure you carefully pick the corresponding fields so that it will be easier for you to find the data in the target system. Then, start a demo migration process.

Selection of mapping fields before the migration Screenshot

6. The demo migration usually takes up to 5 minutes. When it’s over, the tool will show how your data migrated to a new platform. Make sure to verify if everything migrated correctly.

Demo is complete Screenshot

7. Finally, you can initiate the full data migration process in case your demo migration result is satisfactory. Thus, your Knowledge Base will be automatically exported from ServiceNow and imported to a platform of your choice.

Migrated data Screenshot

Let’s migrate your Knowledge Base!

All in all, we hope that the news about the possibility to automatically migrate your Knowledge Base from or to the ServiceNow (SNOW) platform has managed to cheer you up and helped you to make your decision about the data migration easier! If so, do not hesitate to try the data migration for free and set up a demo at any moment! And if you have any questions about what we have discussed about the ServiceNow Knowledge Base export, feel free to contact us via live chat, and we will do our best to help you out.

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