Migrate from and to HelpDesk with HDM service

We’re happy to announce that our clients are now able to move their records from and to a new platform - HelpDesk.

After the hard work of our developers, we are ready to present an update in our Migration Wizard. Starting from this moment on, you can migrate their records from and to HelpDesk including the following:

  • Tickets;
  • Contacts;
  • Agents;
  • Groups;
  • Private and Public Notes;
  • and Tags.

Keep in mind, that you are also able to move your Ticket Attachments to HelpDesk, however, it is not possible to transfer them from the platform.


Keep in mind that there are some details you should be aware of before migrating to or from HelpDesk platform.

When you’re moving your data to HelpDesk, you should remember:

1. Contacts

If Ticket is sharing more than one requester on the source system, in HelpDesk the Comments to this Ticket will be organized in a bit different way. They all will be displayed on behalf of the Contact that was a requester on the source platform.

2. Agents

The maximum amount of Agents possible to have in HelpDesk is limited to 100 agents.

Note: we automatically create Agent accounts in HelpDesk.

Also, If on the source platform the Ticket was assigned only to a certain Agent, this Agent together with his/her default target group will migrate as Assignee.

3. Groups

The maximum possible amount of Groups in HelpDesk is limited to 100.

Additionally, HelpDesk platform requires every Agent to belong to at least one group of Agents. In case the Agent had no link to any group on the source platform, it will be added to the default group there.

Lastly, if on the source platform Ticket was assigned to the whole Group without specifying a definite Agent responsible for it, this Group will move to HelpDesk together with the default Agent from the source platform as an Assignee.

4. Public Notes

If the Agent that left any Comment in the Ticket on the source platform was deleted, this Comment will be displayed on behalf of the Ticket requester. All such Comments will be displayed as Public Notes regardless of their type on the source.

5. Tags

The maximum possible amount of Tags in HelpDesk is limited to 100.

When moving your records from HelpDesk, you have to consider these peculiarities:

1. Contacts

HelpDesk platform doesn’t have such an entity as Contact, they only have Ticket requesters. During the demo migration, you will see that the number of Tickets and Contacts will be the same as we move each ticket requester as Contact.

2. Groups

During the Demo Migration, our service will migrate all Groups available in HelpDesk. That is because HelpDesk does not offer a possibility to separate them and move only a few groups.

So, these were all the peculiarities you should know about before the migration so that you are ready for slight changes in your data because of them.

How to automatically move from/to HelpDesk using our Migration Wizard?

1. First of all, sign up in our Migration Wizard.
2. Set up a new migration.
3. Choose the source platform and provide the necessary credentials for us to be able to access your records.
4. Do the same procedure with the target platform to establish the link between both systems.
5. Choose the records you want to migrate to or from HelpDesk and change the mapping according to your personal needs.

MIgration from HelpDesk in Migration Wizard

6. Set up a Demo to see how 20 random records from your source platform will move to your target help desk. Check the results.
7. If you’re satisfied with the outcome, start a full data migration.

Test our tool out at any comfortable time!

Just log in to your account and start a Free Demo Migration. You can see how your data will look like in the new environment right now! Have any additional questions or need some help? Feel free to contact our support team as they are always on standby to assist you.

Try moving from or to HelpDesk now!

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