An Effective Approach to Import Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Data

As the Help Desk Migration team is constantly working on widening the range of platforms you can migrate between, we are happy to add one more to the list. This time, we are excited to announce that Microsoft Dynamics 365 data import has become available.

So, if you are currently using any other platform but have now decided on migrating to Dynamics 365, check how you can do it by reading this article.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 ticketing system

As the website of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suggests, it is a whole set of business applications designed to help you meet your customers’ needs. The multifunctional ticketing system of the platform can help you do the help desk-related work effectively, while the high functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can assist you in delivering operational excellence during your normal workflow.

In simple words, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a platform that is worth to be considered when choosing an appropriate help desk or ticketing system.

What data is eligible for Microsoft Dynamics 365 help desk migration

You can import the following list of records to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Tickets (Note that a description of your Ticket will migrate to the first Comment)
  • Contacts (A Contact from your source platform can migrate exclusively to a Contact field in Microsoft Dynamics 365)
  • Organizations
  • Attachments
  • Public and Private Notes (“Created At” Dates of your Comments can migrate, but won’t be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics 365)
  • Inline Images
  • “Created At” Dates
  • Knowledge Base Articles (All your Knowledge Base Articles will migrate to Drafts in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Thus, not all of their Statuses will be displayed. Also, Categories and Folders of your Articles won’t migrate from your source platform)
  • Comment Authors
Note: Despite the fact that Agents (Staff) do not migrate in an automated way, our technical representatives can map their fields for you in a manual way.

Apart from the possibility to migrate the records that are mentioned above to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can also order a customized data migration so that our data masterminds will adjust your data migration according to your personal needs. Simply contact us and tell us what personal wishes or specific requests you have.

How to import data to Microsoft Dynamics 365

When setting up your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data import from Excel or from any other source from the list of Supported Platforms, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Migration Wizard page and start a new data migration.

Starting Data Migration

2. Select your source platform and connect it to the Migration Wizard tool by providing the necessary credentials.

Migrate from Zendesk

3. Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your target platform and type in all the necessary credentials such as your URL.

Migrate to Dynamics

4. Select the type of data you would like to import into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Selecting Objects for Dynamics Import

5. Map the fields to make sure that your data will migrate from one platform to another the way you want.

Mapping Ticket Fields

Remember to map not only for help desk objects fields but also knowledge base objects fields.

Mapping Articles Fields

6. Start the demo migration. Once it is complete, carefully check whether the entities got transferred to Microsoft Dynamics 365 accordingly. Feel free to consult our detailed guide on how to check the result of the Free Demo Migration.

Demo Import to Dynamics Is Complete

Note: Go on to the next step only if you are satisfied with the outcome of the demo migration. In case anything migrated not the way you wanted, drop us a line.

7. Start the Full Data Migration to import all the needed records to Dynamics 365.

Import your data with HDM!

That’s all. Now you know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 data migration works. So, how about dropping us a line and initiating your data import right away?

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