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Kayako data migration service

For more than two years, Kayako together with Help Desk Migration Service offers users a seamless way to migrate their data from any help desk platform to Kayako.

Have a complete history of your previous
interactions in the new Kayako

Customer service reps come and go. But when return customers contact your company, you must have previous correspondence available to get full context into the relationship you have with each of them.

Help Desk Migration allows keeping the customer service history with all data relations intact.

What can be migrated to Kayako

Helpdesk data

  • Tickets
  • Custom Ticket Fields
  • Contacts
  • Agents
  • Organizations
  • Groups
  • Private Notes
  • Public Replies
  • Attachments
  • Tags

Knowledgebase data

  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Folders

* note that this list is generalized. The types of records you can migrate depend on the source platform.
Contact our team or start setting up your migration to see the exact list of migrated records.

Follow these simple things to prepare
your data migration into Kayako

Make sure all customer service reps have Agent roles in Kayako

Only Agents can manage and respond to conversations in Kayako.

Therefore, all agents must have this role so we could properly assign ticket

Make sure you have enough seats in Kayako

The Migration Wizard automatically creates agent profiles in Kayako. Therefore if you have fewer seats in Kayako then you had in the source help desk, then we recommend creating the necessary agent profiles by hand.

When creating the profiles, make sure that in Kayako they have the same name and email as in the source help desk. Lastly, all agent profiles in Kayako must be active.

Make sure all custom fields in Kayako created

Custom fields are something that we cannot automatically migrate. You have to create them by hand. When adding the custom fields, make sure that they are the same type as they were in the source help desk.

Only fields of the same type can be matched properly.

Switch to Kayako in six easy steps

Step 1. Create your account

For starters, go to our Migration Wizard and create your account.

When signing up, please provide a valid email and phone. That way we can quickly contact you in case of any questions.

Also, in case the person responsible for the migration quits their job, you’ll still the access to the migration with all settings saved.

Tip: use a generic corporate email instead of a personal or individual corporate email address. This has been proven to the best practice for our customers since it’s easy to share if the migration is handled by several people.

Step 2. Choose your source help desk

Once you have your account set up, click Start Migration Wizard and choose the help desk from which you want to migrate data. Click the select box and find your help desk.

Provide the credentials that the Wizard requires and click Continue.

Also, in case the person responsible for the migration quits their job, you’ll still the access to the migration with all settings saved.

Tip: visit our knowledge base if you need help finding the necessary credentials or reach out to support.

Step 3. Connect your Kayako instance

Now again, click the select box and find Kayako on the list.

Provide the necessary credentials, which are:
The URL of the Kayako instance
Email and password to the Kayako account

Once done, click Continue.

Step 4. Choose the records to migrate and match up fields

Now it’s time to pick what data you want to transition to Kayako. All you have to do is check the necessary boxes.

Note that you can’t migrate contacts without tickets and vice versa. Tickets, Contacts, Agents and other data are related. Therefore, they all need to be included to make the migration possible.

Step 4.1. Matching up fields

You will notice that Tickets and Articles have a button dubbed Map fields. Click it and you will see all the ticket fields and article statuses.

Match them up and click Save Mapping at the bottom of the form when done.

Tip: if you feel like you need help or can’t see al fields, reach out to our support team

Step 5. Test drive the Migration Wizard

Next, you have a Free Demo Migration. With its help, you can migrate a small number of records to Kayako and see if everything looks right. Running the Free Demo Migration also allows getting an exact quote for the migration as well as find out how many records you have. It may take up to five minutes to complete the Demo. Just sit tight.

Go to your Kayako and check the tickets that were migrated. Check if they have the correct type, source, status, priority and custom fields. Also check if agent, requester, and tags migrated correctly.

Lastly, if you chose to migrate knowledge articles then check whether the statuses are correct.

Step 6. Migrate all your data to Kayako

Having checked the results you can start the Full Data Migration.

Kayako migration screen 8

Ready? Launch your data migration!

Start migration now

Here are some things you should consider after
having initiated the Full Migration:

You must not change or merge any of the records that start appearing in Kayako. It might cause hiccups and data corruption.

You must not change emails or passwords to the accounts you used when setting up the migration. This action will stop the process and we will have to manually restart it from the very beginning.

Before migrating data, the Migration Wizard will automatically remove the records that were imported during the Demo.

Last steps after the migration

Once the migration is complete and you have checked the outcome, you should do some
finishing touches. If you haven’t already, then you should:

  • Redirect all support channels to Kayako
  • Set up automation rules, macros and other settings used by the support team.
  • Integrate Kayako with all the necessary apps.

How much does it cost?

Instantly get the approximate price for your data migration using the form below.

Select your current platform and the future one
Number of records in your current platform
Help Desk Record — every single Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket. If you have 10 Agents, 10 Contacts and 40 Tickets, then you have 60 help desk records. Knowledge Base Record — every single Article, Category and Folder. If you have 5 Articles, 6 Categories and 4 Folders, then you have 15 knowledge base records.
Let's get connected
Select how you want to proceed
Option #1: fully automated process
Automated data migration
Read more about support plans.
OPTION #2: FOR ENTERPRISE OR COMPLEX PROJECTS ENTERPRISE DATA MIGRATION Enhanced data migration to meet specific customization requirements, large record volume transfer in a secure and automated way, avoided service time-out and saved operations costs. What we have to offer:

Dedicated secure local AWS server
Onshore data migration is done easily: we provide a dedicated secure AWS server located in your country or state.

Custom Development
Additional features or some specific record or entity to transfer can be developed to enhance and meet the requirements of your migration project.

Migration to any platform
Your source or target platform isn’t on the supported list? We can develop a custom migration for you on the platforms of your choice.

Guided migration setup
Our support service team will guide you on every data migration stage to get the process ideally tailored to your needs.

Highest priority support
Our talented senior support agents take your requests – by email, live chat, or phone call – as the top priority.

Migrating multiple instances
Fast and secure merging of your instances or data transferring from several instances to a single one.

Any other feasible requirest or customization of data migration.
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What kind of customization do you need?
Please describe your needs as detailed as possible
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Pricing FAQs

Instantly get the approximate price for your data migration using the form below.

What influences the price

Our pricing is based on the total number of records available in the source help desk. That is every Agent, Group, Contact, Company and Ticket; and every Knowledgebase Article, Category, and Folder.

How to get an accurate quote

If you want to know the exact cost of your migration them you should set up a Free Demo Migration. With its help, our Migration Wizard will be able to count the total number of all records that can be migrated.

May I talk to Kayako migration expert?

Yes, of course!

Schedule a call with one of our customer service reps.

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