Introducing Automated Data Migration Service To SherpaDesk

Once again, we’ve expanded our list of supported platforms, and we're happy to welcome SherpaDesk on board. SherpaDesk is a dedicated help desk system designed for small businesses. It supports a wide range of business types and has all the industry-standard features you might ever need. And today, we're going to tell you how you use our Migration Wizard to migrate to this help desk solution.

What You Can Import to SherpaDesk

With our automated data migration service, you can import the following entities:

  • Tickets along with attachments;
  • Contacts and organizations;
  • Agents and groups;
  • Replies;
  • Private notes;
  • Knowledge base articles;
  • Inline images;
  • Custom fields.

There are a few minor limitations, however. Namely, knowledge base article attachments will not be moved, as well as tags since the platform doesn’t provide tagging functionality.

When importing data to SherpaDesk, the Migration Wizard will automatically create agent profiles. Take this into consideration if you're going to have a different number of licenses in SherpaDesk. For additional details, we suggest that you contact our support team.

Last but not least, before doing a migration, you need to create custom fields all while taking into consideration that you should match up only fields of the same type.

The Process

To perform the migration, you will need the Access Token for your SherpaDesk. And that's it. The migration steps are pretty standard. As an example, we will be moving data to SherpaDesk and all you have to do is the following:

Step 1. Connect the source platform and then connect your SherpaDesk account.

SherpaDesk API Key

Step 2. Pick the data you need and map ticket fields and article statuses.

SherpaDesk import

Step 3. Run the demo migration.
Step 4. Check and verify the demo results in SherpaDesk.
Step 5. Opt for customizations (optional).

In the case of migration to SherpaDesk, there's one customization you might want to opt for. SherpaDesk has an indexing engine that logs words in tickets and allows using keywords to search tickets. What triggers the engine is the Updated Date. Now, when tickets are migrated, they're migrated with their original Updated Date. When the Updated Date is historical (in the past) then there will be nothing that will notify the indexing engine to index these tickets. Therefore technicians will not be able to locate these tickets using keyword searches.

We can customize your order and migrate tickets with the current date (the date of migration). Therefore, you will be able to search for tickets in SherpaDesk.

Step 6. Run the full migration.

As usual, if you are having difficulties with any of the steps, be sure to let us know. Our support team will help you out in no time.

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