ServiceNow Incidents Import Now Available with Help Desk Migration

With so many help desks on the market, good ones are worth its weight in gold. Among these options, ServiceNow certainly takes a lead. It has been around for ages now and since the very beginning established itself as a strong ITSM service management system.

But, don’t just take our word for it – look at these numbers. With 6,200 enterprise customers supported by 11, 000 employees, ServiceNow is one of the few solutions that you can truly take advantage of. The tool is advertised as a powerful service that helps to create an efficient workflow while keeping the customers happy with the swift support. And ServiceNow surely stands up to that claim.

You might be wondering why we decided to bring up this topic? Well, we’re excited to inform you that our tool now migrates ‘Incident’, meaning you can get them migrated to ServiceNow.

What is an ‘Incident’ in ServiceNow?

An incident – is essentially an event that may cause a disruption in the normal workflow. When an incident appears, a ticket is being created as the documentation of the event. ServiceNow made Incident Management a thing, with agents being able to log incidents, classify them by impact and urgency, assign to appropriate groups, escalate, resolve, and report.

The best thing about it is automation. No need to manually assign incident tickets to resolution groups, the system will automatically do that for you, based on historical data. The goal of Incident Management is to ensure everything is back to normal in the shortest time possible.

How incidents migrate

There are some peculiarities that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to migrating incidents to ServiceNow:

  • Attachments in comments will not be connected to the comment itself but inserted separately into the incident.
  • You can migrate the author of the comment as well as the creation date. This data will be inserted into the body of the comment.

Migrate with us

Think you can benefit from having it? With Help Desk Migration service it is possible. Transfer your current data to ServiceNow, including:

  • Tickets (will transform into Incidents on ServiceNow)
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Groups
  • Attachments
  • Public and private notes
  • Comments
  • Custom fields

As you can see - a whole bunch of different records can be transferred. Moreover, with our Migration Wizard setting up a data migration is a piece of cake. All you have to do is follow this simple guide and enjoy the results.

So, to successfully migrate data to ServiceNow:
1. Start by selecting the source platform (your current help desk) and target platform (in our case ServiceNow) by simply choosing them from the list of available options.

Freshdesk as source platform
ServiceNow as target platform

2. Provide the credentials for both platforms. Only after the credentials are verified, you will be able to proceed further. This is necessary for the system to form a bridge between the two tools.
3. Then, select objects that you want to migrate to ServiceNow. The table will show how the name of the records will change in a target platform.

ServiceNow selecting objects

4. Right after you selected all the needed records, a new mapping page will open. If you want to easily locate data after the migration is complete, pay attention to this step. We recommend choosing corresponding fields to avoid any confusion. If you have any troubles with mapping and need help, contact our support team for assistance.

ServiceNow mapping

5. Initiate demo migration. During this process, we transfer a small portion of data to ServiceNow. You’re basically getting a free sneak-peek into how your records will look like after the Full Data Migration. Check thoroughly if everything migrated as you expected to. The examination is beyond important for the end result.

ServiceNow demo results

6. Then, if you’re completely satisfied with the way the demo went, initiate Full Data Migration.

Let’s get your data moving

If you have a data migration to ServiceNow in mind, don’t hesitate to move your records and enjoy the perks new platform has to offer. Drop us a line and someone from our friendly support team will provide you with the best service, by answering all of the questions you may have. Experience the data migration of your dreams with HDM.

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