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Why do I see new tags after migrating to Zendesk? How to disable automatic ticket tagging in Zendesk

When creating a drop-down list, multi-select, and checkbox custom ticket fields in Zendesk, it’s required to attach a tag to each custom field value. If you don't do this manually, the system will create corresponding tags automatically. Also, if you have an automatic ticket tagging setting enabled, Zendesk will additionally add tags that it considers relevant based on the context of this very ticket.

The same happens when migrating to Zendesk as you map custom fields as a drop-down list, multi-select, or checkbox. When you map these custom ticket fields in Migration Wizard, all the associated Tags will be added automatically, because this is a default Zendesk behavior and cannot be changed from our side.

That is why, after the migration, you can see new Tags in Tickets. However, there is a way to avoid this issue.

First of all, when manually creating custom fields in Zendesk before the migration, make sure to add correct Tags to each custom field value of the drop-down list, multi-select, and checkbox type. This way, during the data migration, the system will add only relevant Tags that you created yourself, so there are no odd Tags attached to your Tickets.

Custom field values and tags in Zendesk

Also, you should turn off the automatic ticket tagging to prevent the system from creating additional Tags based on the ticket context. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Click the Admin icon in your Zendesk Support account.

Settings in Zendesk Support

2. Go to Settings and the Tickets section (on the very bottom of the list).

Ticket settings in Zendesk

3. Then, scroll down till the Tags section and deselect the Enable automatic ticket tagging option.

Automated ticket tagging in zendesk

4. After this click Save tab button at the very bottom of the page. Now, you won’t see the new tags after the migration.

Save tab in Zendesk

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