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How to enable “Modify All Data” permission for a profile in Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce has this thing called Profiles. With their help, you can define what a user can do in Salesforce. To have the tickets migrated correctly, before starting the Free Demo make sure that the profile agents belong to has: a) Salesforce license and b) Modify all data permissions on.

The Modify all data permission gives agents administrative rights. But it is the only way to distinguish agent profiles from other types of profiles in Salesforce Service Cloud. This permission has to be active across the migration only. You can change permission sets once you have all the data in your Service Cloud.

How to check profile license

To check if the profile has a Salesforce license, go to Users; Profiles or type Profiles in Quick Find. 

Administration console in Service Cloud

There, you will see all the profiles you have in your Service Cloud and the license of each profile.

All user licenses in Salesforce

How to enable the "Modify all data" permission

Go to Users; Profiles or type Profiles in Quick Find.

Administration console in Service Cloud

Locate the profile you need to change and select Edit.

Once you have the profile open scroll down to Administrative settings (or use Ctrl/Cmd + F to search in the text), find the Modify all data and check the box next to it.

Permission to modify all data in Service Cloud

Salesforce will automatically check other necessary permissions. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click Save.

Last steps

The last thing you need to do is check if all agents are assigned to the profile which has the permission to modify all data. You might have edited the profile, however, if at least one agent involved in the migration process has a different license and profile, data might convert incorrectly.

To check this, go to Users > Users. There you will see all users and profiles they have assigned to them. If everything looks good, you may proceed with the migration.

In our case, Aiden Morrison has a custom Support Profile assigned to him. This profile has a Salesforce license and we granted the necessary permissions in the previous chapter

Users in Service Cloud

If you need to change the license and profile for the user, select Edit and do so. Don't forget to save the changes once done.

While checking agent profiles, also make sure that all agents involved in migration are ACTIVE on Salesforce.

Agent in Salesforce Service Cloud

Now you're all set to start the Free Demo Migration.

Should you have any questions? Ping us via live chat or drop us a line.

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