The price for the automatic data migration service depends on the following:

  • the help desk/data source you're migrating from;
  • the help desk/data source you're migrating to;
  • the total number of Tickets, Companies, Contacts, Agents and Groups.
  • the total number of Articles, Categories, and Folders if you’re migrating Knowledgebase.

Altogether, these factors make up the price for the data migration service.

The best way to calculate your price is to set up a Free Demo Migration. Or you could use our online calculator to find out an approximate cost.

Please note that the Migration Wizard also transfers notes, attachments, custom fields and replies. They are migrated for free.

Custom work

In case you need to filter or migrate data in a way that can’t be done automatically, then you can order a customization. Our tech engineers will write custom code for you.

Custom work is billed separately, on top of the cost of automatic data migration.

If you need to apply any form of customization to your order, please, contact our team at

Migration packages

If you don’t have the time to run the migration by yourself then you can order a migration package. Our team will set up, run the Demo, and the Full Data Migration for you.

If you want to purchase a migration package, please, contact our team to get a quote and discuss all the details.


You can run only one migration for a one-time payment. If you have several help desk systems and want to transfer all of them, each will be considered a separate data migration as well as billed separately.

Remigration from the same help desk system costs 50% from your initial Full Data Migration price, assuming your requirements have not changed.

Should you have any other questions? Browse our Billing and Pricing Details category. Or shoot us an email at

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