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How to prepare your files for automatic data migration from CSV?

In order to import your support records from a CSV file get acquainted with the following recommendations:

  1. The size of each file should not exceed 1 GB.
  2. Each file must possess a heading row with a Summary column such as Name, Email, etc.
  3. When creating a CSV file, make sure that all fields are separated by commas.
  4. You can attach files to issues created from your CSV file. To do this, specify the URL of your attachment in an Attachments column within your CSV file. You can add multiple attachments by separating them with commas. Note that URLs for attachments support the HTTP and HTTPS protocols and can be located anywhere that our service can access.
  5. Use double-quote marks (") in your CSV file to capture data that spans multiple lines. E.g., Tags, Attachments, Description.
  6. File headers must be written in English as showed below. The content of the CSV file can be presented in any language but the headers must be in English so our service could understand and correctly map them.

Preparing the Tickets.csv file

To import Tickets to the help desk you should have a CSV file which contains the following fields columns:

Format Field Header
TicketId 468985 Required
Subject Test subject Required
Tags "tag 1, tag 2" Optional
DepartmentName Support Optional
Description "Test Description" Required
Type Task Required
Status Open Required
Priority Low Required
AgentEmail a.lewis@yourcompany.com Required
AgentName Adam Lewis Required
ContactEmail s.gibbson@mail.com Required
ContactName Stacey Gibbson Required
ContactPhone 1234567890 Optional
CompanyName Faux Mart Optional
CreatedTime YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS Required
UpdatedTime YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS Required
ClosedTime YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS Optional
Attachments "https://site.com/attachment1.jpg, https://site.com/attachment1.pdf" Optional

When you're done, you should have a document that matches our sample.

Importing Ticket comments

If you'd like to import comments along with Tickets, you have to provide them in a separate file. This file should contain the following columns:

Format Field
CommentId 468985 Optional
TicketId 485853 Required
AuthorEmail jeremy@yourcompanydomain.com Required
Public 0-private, 1-public Required
Body Test comment Required
CreatedTime YYYY:MM:DD HH:MM:SS Required

All comments must be gathered in one file. If a Ticket has more than one comment, here’s how you should format them:

Check out our Comments.csv sample.

Import Custom Fields

In the Tickets file, headers with the following ending will migrate as custom fields and the necessary type

  • _select - dropdown (e.g. product_select)
  • _date - time (e.g. due_date)
  • _integer - number (e.g. TicketInternal_integer)

Other fields are available for mapping as the text (textArea) field. Also, note that these tags should be written in English only.

Importing your CSV files

Once your CSV files have been prepared, log into Help Desk Migration and start the import process.

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