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How to migrate your help desk data to CSV?

Help Desk Migration allows exporting the data from your help desk into a CSV file in a few easy steps. Currently, our service can export all records except for Knowledge Base.

Here’s how to setup this migration:

1) Sign in to your Help Desk Migration account.
2) Create a new migration.
3) Select the platform from which you’d like to export the data.
4) Select CSV as the destination.
5) Choose which entities you'd like to export and adjust the Ticket field mapping if necessary:

Click “Continue” to start the Demo Export. This action will export 20 Tickets with related Agents, Contacts, etc into a CSV file.

6) Migration Wizard will generate two .zip files, one containing the Ticket and Ticket Comments information, and the other containing Attachments. Download the files by clicking the button “Download dumps”:

Once you have the files on your computer, carefully check if the formatting is correct and if there are all necessary columns. Start the Full Data Export if you’re happy with the test files.

Once the Full Export has started

You can close the tab and go about your day while we export the data from your help desk to CSV. Once the files are ready, you’ll receive an email notification. Or you could occasionally sign in to your account to check the progress of the export.

Once the export is complete

You will see the following summary:

Click the “Download dumps” button to download the final files:

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