Limitations of Light Agents in Zendesk

Except for the Staff role, Zendesk also has a Light Agent role, which has limited permissions. Light Agents are able to see tickets, ticket views, and user profiles. If necessary, they can add internal notes to assist Staff agents during their work on the customer request, too. However, they can only leave private notes.

Additionally, Light Agents can request tickets on behalf of the available end users. However, you can’t assign tickets to the Light Agent.

Due to their special role, there are some peculiarities you should take into account.

When migrating from Zendesk:

  1. Light Agents will migrate as Contacts because such agent role exists only in Zendesk;
  2. Any tickets requested by Light Agents will be automatically reassigned to the default agent;
  3. Private Notes left by Light Agents will be displayed as those left on the behalf of the default agent.

When migrating to Zendesk:
All agents in Zendesk must have the Staff role. Only that way the Migration Wizard will be able to automatically assign tickets.

If you need to change roles in Zendesk, please give us a heads up and let us know how you want agents and their tickets to be matched.

Also, if you’re going to use any of the custom roles before the migration, please let us know. Our support team will help you plan out your migration the best way possible.

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