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How to Increase API limits in Salesforce Service Cloud

To speed up the migration you can request a temporary increase to your API limit. Please, not that you have to do this before starting the Full Demo Migration.

To send your request, create a case with Salesforce Customer Support and include this text:

I would like to request an increase to the API limit to perform a migration to Salesforce Service Cloud, using the Help Desk Migration tool.
The Organization ID of the production instance I would like to increase the API limit for is 00D90060000aaPg*. The number of calls we would like to obtain for the next two weeks** is 150,000***.
We want to import 200.000**** number of records. Namely, we’re going to transfer Tickets, Agents, Contacts, Company, Groups*****. The batch size that’s going to be used is 200.

* — Here’s how you can find the Organization ID.
** — Salesforce increases API limit for the max of two weeks.
*** — Check the table to calculate the number of API calls.
**** — You can find out the exact total number of records after running the Demo Migration.
***** — List the objects you're going to migrate to Salesforce Service Cloud

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