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How to Import CSV to Jira Service Management [+Video]

Import CSV to Jira Service Management

To import your CSV file to Jira Service Management, go to Migration Wizard and start a new migration. Select CSV from the list of data sources. Then, select the data you need to import (you can import tickets or knowledge base at a time).

Jira Service Management CSV

Upload your files and press "Continue."

Jira Service Management Upload CSV

Next, connect your Jira Service Desk. Enter the service desk domain, email of the user initiating the migration, and their API key or password.

Make sure that the user initiating the migration has admin privileges. If you don't know where to find the API key, follow this guide.

Jira Service Management Target

Once connected, select where you want the data to go and the default Issue Type.

Jira Service Management Target Connect

Now that the source and data target are connected, you can go on with mapping. Select Tickets, and the Wizard will auto-select other objects. Click the "Match items" and "Map fields" buttons to match agents and ticket fields. Make sure to save the settings!

Jira Service Management to CSV

Press "Continue" to start the Free Demo Migration. The Migration Wizard will import a small portion of data for you to see how the migration works. Carefully check the outcome of the test import.

Jira Service Management Demo Complete

If necessary, re-run the test to make sure the data migrates correctly. When you're ready, initiate Full Data Migration and import all CSV data to Jira Service Management.

Help desk migration can be done easy

Find out more about help desk migration services and run a test import to it in action. Want a personalized Demo?

Schedule a personalized Demo
Sales manager

Data You May Upload from a CSV File

With the Help Desk Migration service, you can import service desk and knowledge base data to Jira Service Management.

Service desk:

    • Tickets
    • Contacts
    • Organizations
    • Agents (have to be created in the Jira Service Management before the migration)
    • Attachments
    • Private and public notes (up to 32kb of data)
    • Comments
  • Creation dates
  • Tags
  • Custom fields

Knowledge base: 

  • KB articles and folders (videos in your articles won't be migrated)
  • KB attachments

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