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How to import Contacts to Jira Service Desk?

To migrate contacts to Jira Service Desk you must have the Public Signup setting enabled. If you're using Service Desk for customer support, you might have this setting enabled already. However, if you're using Service Desk for internal support, follow the instruction below to double-check/enable this setting.

To enable Public Signup, follow this path:

  1. Log in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.
  2. On the left sidebar choose Jira settings > Applications > Configuration.
  3. Find the Customer Permissions section and enable the setting.

Public Signup

You or a service desk project administrator can then open a service desk at the project level:

    1. Go to Projects and click on the project where you want to migrate the data
    2. On the left sidebar choose Project settings > Customer permissions
    3. Select Anyone can sign up for a customer account on my Customer Portal.

Public Signup

  1. Click Save

Once you have enabled these settings, continue setting up the migration.

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