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How to generate HappyFox API key and Auth code?

To set up a migration from/to HappyFox you will need an API key and Auth code.

Follow the steps below to create an API key and a respective Auth code:

1. Sign in to your account and go to Manage>Integrations and click configure next to API:

2. On the following page that loads, select "Yes" for "API Support active", under "Basic API settings", and click Save Settings to enable API integration:

3. Click "Create a new API Key":

4. Name the API key to know what it's for and set the Max Read and Write Requests to ensure a quick migration. Click Save Settings to create your API key.

5. Once the key is created, you'll see it on the list of API keys:

6. To get the Auth code for this key click "see auth code":

7. You'll then see both the API key and Auth code appear in a separate pop-up:

Copy the key and the code and paste it into the Migration Wizard.

Note: if you can't access the API settings, contact HappyFox support to get it enabled. 

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