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How to check the result of Demo Migration in Salesforce Service Cloud

Once the Demo Migration preview is ready and the process is completed, you will see a table summary of your migrated records. Each record type will depict a button ‘Download report’ containing the record IDs that got transferred as a test portion of data, except for tickets and Knowledge Base articles. There you’ll see a ‘View 20 records’ button.

how to check the results of demo migration in salesforce service cloud
Once you hit the download button, you’ll see the records list with all the records IDs that were used for the Demo from the source database and respective new IDs in Salesforce Service Cloud. Try to locate and examine each record in your new help desk. The report file will look like this:

contacts ids salesforce service cloud demo results

To examine the tickets, click on the ‘View 20 records’ button. This will open another list with IDs that are fully clickable. Go through each ticket and check everything along with Type, Source, Status, Priority, Custom Fields, Requester, Agent, and Attachments.

tickets ids salesforce service cloud demo results

Note that attachments in private comments are visible to administrators and/or the agent who added them only. To ensure that the detailed inspection will take place, the user checking the demo results must have proper access to all data. Simply turn on the 'View All Data' permission in the settings to grant access to these records.

When the Full Data Migration ends, you’ll see a similar table with similar downloadable reports. Make sure you give the same effort and time to examine everything to get the best experience working with Salesforce Service Cloud.

All the data transferred during the trial migration will be removed automatically from Salesforce Service Cloud before the Full Data Migration. This will make sure no duplicates in your help desk afterward.

If all connections are correct, you can move on to the full data migration. Have any more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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