How to check the result of demo migration for Re:amaze

Once the demo migration is complete, you will see a short table with a summary of the records that were moved to Re:amaze along with downloadable CSV reports and a ‘View 20 records’ button. Thanks to these reports, checking the results will take little to no time, as they contain the exact IDs of transferred entities.

how to check the results of demo migration in reamaze

Upon downloading the reports, you will see a list of all the record IDs that were used for the Demo from the source database and respective new IDs in Re:amaze. Try to locate and examine all records. To give you a clear idea, here’s how the CSV file will look like:

contacts ids reamaze demo results

To examine the tickets, click on the ‘View 20 records’ button. This will open another list with IDs that are fully clickable. Go through each ticket and check if everything along with Type, Status, Priority, Source and Custom Fields, Requester, Agent, and Tags. If you are moving your Knowledge Base, make sure if all the articles have correct statuses. Then, check the rest of the data. If all the bonds were established in Re:amaze correctly, you can move on to the Full Data Migration.

tickets ids reamaze demo results

Note that the tickets migrated during the demo will be removed from Re:amaze automatically to prevent any duplicates on your future helpdesk.

We will also provide you an opportunity to download similar reports after the Full Data Migration to make the whole process of post-examination easier. Make sure you use them to the fullest.

Should you have any questions? Feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help you.

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