How to check the result of demo migration in TeamSupport

Once your Demo migration to TeamSupport is complete, you will see a table with a brief summary of migrated records. But you aren’t just limited to numbers, we offer downloadable reports so you can see the exact entities IDs that were migrated as a test portion of data.

how to check demo migration results in teamsupport

We recommend taking the time to download and look through each report. However, it may seem like a lot of extra work, by doing so you’re making sure that the end results will be mishap-free.

The ticket report will look like this:

teamsupport tickets ids

If you’re starting from this file, log in TeamSupport and carefully check these 20 migrated tickets. Use the report to instantly find the needed tickets and check if their Type, Source, Status, Priority, Custom fields, Requester, Agent, and Tags migrated as needed.

If demo migration included Knowledge Base records, it’s essential to check the article statues. If everything looks good, initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note that the tickets migrated during the demo are removed from TeamSupport automatically.

You’ll get to download the similar reports after the Full Data Migration that will make the whole process of post-examination easier.

If any questions or problems appear, contact our friendly support team for a solution.

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