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How to Generate RepairShopr API Token? [+Video]

Generate RepairShopr API Token

To migrate from or to RepairShopr, you need to generate an API Token. This information is needed to establish a secure connection between your RepairShopr account and Migration Wizard.

Follow these steps to generate your RepairShopr API Token:

  • Go to your RepairShopr account.
  • Click on the Admin icon in the right top corner.

RepairShopr API Token Admin

  • Scroll down to API Tokens under API.

RepairShopr API Token

  • Press on New Token in the right-hand corner.

RepairShopr API Token New Token

  • In New Token, choose Custom Permissions.

RepaiShopr API Token Custom Permissions

  • Check all API Permissions.

RepairShopr API Token All Permissions

  • Scroll down to Ticket - Use Ticket Charges and Tickets - View ‘Their Ticket’ Details (assigned to them), and disable the permissions.

RepairShopr API Token Ticket Permissions

  • Copy new Zapier API Token.

RepairShopr API Token Copy

When you go to API Tokens under the Admin icon, you will find your API Token.

RepairShopr API Token Copy API

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