How to check the result of Demo Migration in Zendesk [+Video]

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Once the Demo Migration is completed, you’ll see a table with imp entities, including Tickets, Contacts, Organizations, etc. Each record type is accompanied by a report containing the same entities IDs transferred during the migration.

If everything migrated correctly, you only see the migrated record reports. But, if something goes wrong, you can also get reports for failed or skipped records.

To open a report, press the “View records” button next to the needed record type.

Zendesk Demo Complete

A report includes a list of record IDs in the help desk you’re migrating from and IDs of “new” Tickets in Zendesk. You need to check each record to ensure that your data migrated correctly. The report looks like this:

Zendesk Migrated Contacts

All tickets and related data migrate in the same way in the Demo Migration or Full Data Migration. However, if some ticket data did not migrate or/and was incorrectly transferred during the Demo Migration, it will also happen during the Full Data Migration.

So, ensure you check if all tickets migrated correctly, along with their Type, Source, Status, Priority, Custom Fields, Requester, Agent, and Tags.

Zendesk Migrated Tickets

Plus, if you’re migrating to the Knowledge Base, examine the statuses of articles and their location. Finally, if you’re satisfied with the result of the Demo Migration, initiate the Full Data Migration.

Note: the tickets migrated during the demo will be removed from Zendesk automatically, to prevent any duplicates.

Remember that you’ll get the similar reports after the Full Data Migration to make the whole process of post-examination easier. Repeat the same steps but on a larger scale.

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