How to check the result of Demo Migration in Jira Service Desk?

To check how tickets migrate to Jira Service Desk you need to manually upload the JSON file with tickets to Jira Service Desk. That is because this system does not allow direct automatic data import.

Here are the steps you should take:

1. Click the Download dumps button in the migration summary.

2. Then in the popup window click Download tickets file.

Once the file is downloaded, upload it to Jira Service Desk following this instruction.  The import process shouldn't take too long. Once completed, wait for some time since Jira Service Desk does not show Attachments and Comments right away.

Check the records and if everything looks great, start the Full Data Migration.

Note! Before starting Full Data Migration you need to manually delete the data migrated during the Demo to avoid duplicates.

Should you have any questions? Contact support.

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