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Can I Migrate Subsections from Zendesk Guide Enterprise?

If you’re a Zendesk Guide user and plan on migrating your Knowledge Base with our service, there are a few things you should remember.

In Zendesk Guide, they enable creating a complex Knowledge Base hierarchy for Enterprise plan users. It means that you can create article subsections inside each section up to five such levels. It’s also possible to create a maximum of 20 subsections with articles in each parent section.

Our automated migration tool, in its turn, has a specific pattern of migrating Knowledge Base records that is suitable for most of the help desk structures: Category -> Section -> Article. So, if you have a complex hierarchy in your Zendesk Guide, you won’t be able to migrate it during the automated data migration. In this case, the only way to transfer your Knowledge Base to a new help desk is a custom data migration.

Learn the difference between automated and custom data migration in this article.

If you have any additional questions, or ready to set up a custom migration to migrate your Zendesk Knowledge Base, please let us know.

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