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Help Desk Migration vs Import2

Searching for data migration services, you’ve surely stumbled upon Import2. But we’re not here to drag Import2. We’re here to show you the difference between our tools and let you decide which meets your requirements and expectations.

What’s Help Desk Migration?

Help Desk Migration is an automated data import solution which allows to painlessly switch from one help desk to another.

What’s Import2?

Import2 is an online data import service that can transfer your data from CSV file to a help desk of your choice.

Key Differences

Help Desk Migration ServiceImport2
Support channelsEmail, ticket, phone, live chat, knowledge base.Live chat, email, knowledge base.
Free test migration Yes (20 tickets with related records imported in less than 5 minutes) Yes (typically done in less than 1 hour)
Migration from CSV filesYesYes
Migration from database dumpYesNo
Supported platforms33 automated migration
300+ custom migration

Pricing and Specific Options

With our service, the price can get as low as $1. From there it really depends on how many records you have in your source help desk. We strive to satisfy the needs of business of different sizes. That’s why we don’t set a fixed price for our service.

There are two ways to calculate the price of your migration

Import2, on the other hand, offers four pricing plans with fixed rates and additional services that depend on the size of your migration.

Help Desk Migration ServiceImport2
PriceStarts at $1Starts at $499
User migration YesNot available
Relation migrationYesYes
Data mappingYesYes Manualy by import2 team with file mapping in exel format
Custom fieldsYes (available for all types and sizes of migrations)Yes (for databases starting from 25 000 records)
Dedicated account managerYes (support provided for all migrations)Yes (only in Premium plan – starting at $1000)

Supported Objects

Help Desk Migration ServiceImport2
Custom objectsIn Custom Data Migration package (starting at $240)In Premium Plan ONLY (starting at $1000)
Knowledge base articlesYesUpon request

The choice is yours

For three years now, we’ve been giving companies the freedom to choose and use help desk software they want. Other than that, we’ve also built many meaningful relationships.

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