Looking for a Way to Perform FreeScout Data Migration? Easily with HDM

The Help Desk Migration team keeps widening the range of platforms that are supported for data migration. This time, we are excited to announce that you can now transfer your records both to and from FreeScout.

Sounds interesting? Well, keep reading this article for more details on the peculiarities of the platform and migration process.

What is FreeScout

According to FreeScout’s website, it is a free self-hosted alternative to Zendesk and HelpScout. The platform is positioning itself as an open-source help desk and shared mailbox. FreeScout is a reasonable solution for those who cannot afford such help or service desk giants as Zendesk but nevertheless need a professional tool for customer support.

Apart from being free of charge, the platform offers its users such benefits as a mobile-friendly and multilingual interface, no limitations on the number of users and tickets, moving conversations between mailboxes and saved replies, workflows, SLA, and many more.

In other words, FreeScout serves as a free help desk alternative to other better-known customer support platforms and has numerous useful features on-board.

What data can migrate to and from FreeScout

So, in case you’ve been using any other help desk and now decided to transfer your records to FreeScout, please check the list of entities that can be imported to it:

  • Tickets (including their “created at” and “closed at” dates)
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Attachments
  • Public and private notes
  • Inline images
  • Comments’ authors and “created at” dates
  • Custom fields

In the opposite case, if you want to migrate from FreeScout to another help desk from the list of supported platforms, here are the entities that you can export from FreeScout:

  • Tickets (together with their “created at” and “closed at” dates)
  • CC in Tickets
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Attachments
  • Public and private notes
  • Inline images
  • Custom fields

So, now you know what data can be transferred to and from FreeScout. And, as you can see, you can import or export a great variety of help desk entities when it comes to this platform. However, if you have any specific requests concerning the FreeScout data transfer, drop us a line and discuss a possibility of a customized migration with our technical representatives who will try their best to help you out and investigate your case deeper.

How FreeScout data migration works

Now you know what data can migrate both to and from FreeScout, so let’s check how the transferring process looks and go through the guide on how to set up the data migration:

1. Go to the Migration Wizard webpage, sign up or log into your account, and click on the “Get started+” button.

Getting started with Migration Wizard Screenshot

2. Choose your source platform and fill in all the necessary credentials in order to connect it to the tool.

Choosing source platform in Migration Wizard Screenshot

3. Select your target platform and type in the needed information such as URL and API Key. These credentials will allow Migration Wizard to connect to your account and, thus, transfer your data to it.

Choosing target platform in Migration Wizard Screenshot

4. Once both your source and target platforms are connected to Migration Wizard, the tool might ask you to configure your connection. Please do this and press “Continue”.

Configuring the FreeScout connection Screenshot

5. Now, select objects that you would like to transfer from your current platform to a new one.

Selecting objects for transfer in Migration Wizard Screenshot

6. Map the fields to make sure that your data will migrate the way you want from your source to your target.

Mapping fields in Migration Wizard Screenshot

7. Initiate the demo migration and wait till it will be complete.

Generating data migration preview in Migration Wizard Screenshot

8. Make sure all the data got transferred the way you want. Feel free to use our detailed guide on how to check the result of the free demo migration.

Demo is complete Screenshot

Note: Proceed with the next step only in case you are satisfied with the outcome of your demo migration. If there is anything you would like to change, contact us without further ado.

9. Click on the “Proceed to payment” button and start the full data migration to have all the needed records transferred from your source to target.

That’s all, you finished the FreeScout data migration and are all set to use your new platform now!

Let’s migrate your FreeScout data!

Hopefully, now you’re aware of the FreeScout data migration process. You know what peculiarities the platform has, what entities you can transfer to or from it, and how to do it with the Help Desk Migration service. Feel free to drop us a line in case you have any additional questions, and let’s migrate your FreeScout data together!

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