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Autotask PSA Migration: Guide to Importing and Exporting Help Desk Data

Nowadays, IT service businesses have quite pleasant conditions for their growth and try to make the most of it. Correspondingly, their help desk requirements expand, too. Thus, help desk data migration became a common thing.

Use this guide to learn how to import and export Autotask PSA data automatedly and securely.

Let’s start with a few words about the Autotask PSA platform.

What Is Autotask PSA? A Brief Overview

Autotask PSA (Professional Service Automation) is a cloud-based IT management platform that helps streamline workflows with automation. It serves as a central hub to deliver a single view across multiple IT operations. Autotask PSA features include:

  • Help desk management
  • ITSM asset management
  • Change management
  • Reporting

What Are the Pros of Autotask PSA?

  • SLAs. Set the response time standards, assign them to tickets, and monitor meeting those standards by your service team.
  • Customizable dashboards & widgets. Get a view of all active tickets that are currently unassigned or overdue, recurring tickets, or check your ticket resolution performance.
  • Outsourcing and insourcing tickets. Expand your service scope by copying tickets to your Autotask PSA partners or subcontractors. Or work on tickets received from other Autotask databases.
  • Customer surveys. Define your CSAT rates by sending customer surveys to your contacts manually or automatically.

What Are the Cons of Autotask PSA?

  • No free trial and free version. Autotask does not provide its pricing on its website, you can get the price tag by contacting the vendor.
  • Limited desktop app. Some options like right-click menus are not available in the Autotask for desktops.
  • Confusing layout. Some users complain about a steep learning curve.

What Are the Pre-Migration Actions?

Data migration isn’t an easy process that usually causes numerous questions. Consider this an Autotask PSA pre-migration checklist.

  1. Create an Autotask API user with a corresponding security level.
  2. Get admin access credentials to Autotask PSA and target platform to run data migration.
  3. Turn off automations and notifications and check through other data migration preparations.
  4. Contact your vendor to increase the API limits if possible.

How to run Autotask PSA Data Import?

Importing data with the Migration Wizard goes easy. You go through several steps and move your data to Autotask.

What Records Can You Migrate to Autotask

  • Tickets with attachments, public and private notes
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Agents
  • Ticket custom fields
  • Comment author

However, the knowledge base articles, ticket dates, groups, and organization custom fields aren’t available in a default migration.

How to Import Data to Autotask PSA Automatedly?

1. Select your Source and specify the access credentials to migrate data.

Import to Autotask

2. Choose Autotask PSA as your Target and fill in the UserName and Secret password.

Autotask Import

3. Select objects you want to import. If your Source supports automation options, choose the ones you need.

Import data to Autotask PSA

4. Match agents between your Source and Autotask PSA.

Import Autotask contacts

5. Map the ticket fields. Click Continue to proceed to the Demo migration.

Import Autotask tickets

6. When the Demo is complete, download the reports on the migrated records. If you have skipped or failed records, contact our support team.

Autotask PSA migration

7. Click Proceed to payment to launch your Full Migration.

*You can choose one of our support service offerings to ensure your Autotask PSA data migration experience.

How to Export Data from Autotask PSA Quickly and Securely?

You can run a secure and fast export from Autotask PSA with Migration Wizard. Check the details below.

What Records Supported for Export from Autotask PSA?

  • Tickets with attachments, public and private notes
  • Contacts
  • Ticket custom fields
  • “Created at”, “Updated at”, and “Closed at” ticket dates

If you want to customize your Autotask PSA migration process, contact one of our migration experts.

Are There Any Data Export Limitations?

Migration Wizard does not export ticket tags and knowledge base articles. Commonly, they are not included in the platform’s functionality.

How to Start Automated Autotask PSA Data Export?

1. Set Autotask PSA as your Source and specify your UserName and Secret.

Export from Autotask

2. Select your Target and fill in the access credentials.

Autotask Export

3. Pick records you want to migrate.

Autotask PSA Migration Export

4. Match support agents between the Source and Target platforms.

Export Autotask Resources

5. Map your default ticket fields.

Autotask PSA Migration Fields

If your Target support automated options, select the options you need. For example, if you migrate Autotask to Zendesk, you can migrate inline images as attachments and skip ticket attachments. Then, click Continue to start your Demo Migration.

6. Once the Demo is complete, download the reports on the migrated help desk records to check the results. If you have skipped or failed records, contact our tech support.

Run Autotask PSA Migration

7. Click Proceed to payment to start your Full Data Migration.

Migration Wizard streamlines data export ad import by taking over the grunt work. Your task boils down to choosing the Source and Target, then setting up and mapping your records, and leaving the transfer process to Help Desk Migration Wizard.

Help Desk Migration

Automated service to migrate your data between help desk platforms without programming skills — just follow simple Migration Wizard.

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