Export Issues from Jira Software Using Help Desk Migration

Introducing self-service export of issues from Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

Jira Software is one of the most used platforms for dedicated task management. However, there’s more as the tool is often used as both an internal and external help desk solution. Yet, there are times when you either grow up or change focus and decide to implement a help desk tool.

For such cases, we’ve prepared a brand new service. That’s right, from now on, the Help Desk Migration service can migrate from Jira Software, including both the server and the cloud versions respectively.

What You May Export from Jira Software

Using our automated data migration service, you can easily export the following list of entities:

  • Tasks (will migrate as tickets);
  • Contacts (users that don’t have privileges to be assignees in a task will migrate as contacts);
  • Agents (users that have privileges to be as assignees in a task will migrate as agents);
  • Groups;
  • Private & public notes (notes that have limited access in certain groups will be moved as private entities);
  • Custom fields, tags and audit fields;
  • Inline images;
  • Knowledge base articles from Confluence.

Note that Confluence export is not available for Jira Software Server. For technical reasons, knowledge base objects will be displayed when migrating from Jira Server, however, you won’t be able to select and move it.

How to Set Up the Data Export

To export Jira issues you need to open the Migration Wizard, select Jira as the source platform, and provide the following list of credentials:

Exporting issues from Jira Software

Hit Continue and select your target platform. Make sure to visit our help center if you need a hand finding the necessary credentials and other useful tips. Then select the records and map fields, run the test import, and check if everything moved correctly. If you're pleased with the test migration then start the live migration.

If you have any questions or need some pieces of advice, be sure to let us know in the chat.

Let’s Get You Moving

The Help Desk Migration service offers you a quick and simple way of moving all issues from Jira. No need to play around with files or figure out how to write your own migration solution. Hit a couple of buttons and step up your support game. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself!

Export issues from Jira in a few simple steps

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