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Zendesk to Zendesk Migration – Can It Be Easy After All?

As businesses shift towards online, new communication platforms appear, grow and substitute older ones, customer service and reporting of issue changes a great deal. Help desk systems, designed to manage all your user requests and feedback, as well as knowledge base on your side, evolve on a daily basis, offering more and more complex and intuitive solutions for this purpose.

Zendesk is one of the more robust systems for managing, tracking and prioritizing customer tickets. It provides chat, help center, call center, social and more other solutions that can be combined and customized to suit any specific business need. It has quite a variety of available API integrations and an intuitive interface.

However, changing to a new version of Zendesk help desk system is not as straightforward as one may think. If you have huge amounts of historical data that you cannot spare, if your theme is customized, if there are additional add-ons and integrations, the whole process can become quite painstaking. Mainly, your data should remain safe and untouched. Additionally, all that useful content on your side needs to be available to your team and customers, your chat should be working, and the system should function with no interruptions. Thus, the transfer has to be as quick and unnoticed as possible.

Just setting up a new version may not be a smart decision considering that historical data is quite important in many cases. For instance, you would want to keep open tickets in your active help desk, alongside chat history with existing customers, etc.

However, instead of just archiving old data and starting afresh or transferring tons of files manually, you can run a quick automated data migration between two Zendesk platforms. This way you will be able to automatically move all the tickets, requests, contacts, companies, notes, SLA, knowledge base, FAQs and chat history.

When you decide to perform a Zendesk to Zendesk migration with an automated help desk migration service, it’s best to start with reviewing all the data you have on your legacy help desk. If some of the data is not relevant anymore, like tickets, closed long before or outdated information, it’s a good time to archive that.

Done with cleaning up? Your next step would be to go to help-desk-migration.com, pick the right legacy and target help desk system, provide access to both and wait while the pre-migration test is run. After that, all the entities will be mapped to secure correct transfer of data. If small customization are necessary, they will be performed too. You can also see the results in the preview, so there are several chances to double-check and definitely know that everything is transferred correctly.

After the migration is done it’s advisable to audit the data on a new platform: check if the links are working, if all the open tickets are in place and if all is fine, you’re good to shut down the oldie and start working on a brand new Zendesk platform.

Doing your Zendesk migration this way helps you avoid many pitfalls:

  • This is fast, professional and doesn’t require additional engineering resources on your side.
  • Your team will not have to work on both legacy and new system at the same time, cause data will be transferred within hours instead of days or weeks.
  • You can move data either from CSV files or directly from your current help desk.
  • The transfer becomes less painstaking and you can avoid all the bugs and errors in production by fixing them on the preview stage thanks to free demo migration.

You can find more details on all the phases migration setup here. Follow these simple instructions, contact support for additional info and in the end, the migration process between Zendesk versions will not seem that complicated anymore.

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