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Zendesk Migration Overview: Tasks, Tools, and Tips

A help desk switchover may seem challenging especially if you do it for the first time. But even the most complicated project can be finished successfully with the detailed and thoughtful plan. Ready to draw up your plan?

Choosing the data to be migrated

If you’ve been making some research on the issue you may have noticed that experts strongly recommend revising the data to understand what is to be migrated and what needs just to be archived.

Why is this task so much discussed?

Switching over to a new help desk is a good reason to get rid of outdated or unnecessary info. The system that contains relevant and structured data is easier to use and works faster.

Transferring large volumes of data takes quite a lot of time. Migrating thousands of tickets with attachments and comments can take days, not hours. And finally the more data you move, the more expensive Zendesk migration turns out to be.

Revise your current reports and sort out those that are out of date. Ask your agents how often they refer to the past tickets to understand if they will need them.

Helpful tip: Migrate the data which is really important and will be used in the future.

Zendesk Migration Tools

The next task of the migration project is to choose the most cost-effective, accurate, and fast migration method. Let’s make a quick overview of the tools.

Zendesk import tool

Zendesk built-in import tool works only for bulk User/Organization import. First, you need to prepare a CSV file, then go to the Admin>People section and import the file. This method is pretty simple and doesn’t require deep tech skills.

Migrating over API

Zendesk API offers a lot of freedom in migrating the data. It allows to move all help desk entities like tickets, users and organizations, knowledge base and help articles. Zendesk API documentation provides a detailed info on the data that can be migrated.

Using the API requires practical coding experience so you should either have an engineer in your company or hire a third-party developer or development company.

Helpful tip: Be sure to check Zendesk API limitations for your plan to avoid delays. Explore Zendesk API documentation and help center posts on how to avoid rate limits. You may also ask your Zendesk contact person to increase API limits for the time of migration.

Help Desk Migration Service

An automated Help Desk Migration Service (https://help-desk-migration.com) is the best choice when you need to migrate different entities like tickets, users, organizations and knowledgebase articles but don’t want to mix up with the coding yourself.

The service offers quick and hassle-free Zendesk migration in four easy steps:

  1. Granting access to the help desk accounts.
  2. Selecting the entities to migrate.
  3. Taking a test migration.
  4. Moving the whole info over your Zendesk account.

The price of the procedure depends on the data to be moved. The service administrator will provide price estimate in response to your request.

Helpful tip: Use the advantages of the free test migration to the fullest. Be sure to look through the links and images in the Knowledge base and articles.

More Tips to Make Migration Easier

And finally, several more thing to pay attention to. Take care of the sensitive data and make the backup before the switchover. Be sure to disable email alerts and triggers like SMS notifications otherwise you will end up spamming your users.

Make your migration plan thoroughly, stick to it carefully and enjoy the advantages of your Zendesk software.

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