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Zendesk to Freshdesk Migration: Find Out the Best Alternative to the Copy/Paste Method

When you decide to endure Zendesk to Freshdesk migration and start reading up on the issue, you may stumble upon forum posts like “Is there any alternative to the copy/paste method?”. Don’t be baffled by such a question because the level of technologies and programming specialists’ skills has outgrown the copy/paste method long ago.

This article provides an overview of the three options for switching from Zendesk to Freshdesk and transferring the data. Here they are:

  • Using an automated migration service like https://help-desk-migration.com
  • Exporting data manually via CSV or XML file.
  • Using API to transfer the data.

Now let’s explain more exactly how each method works.

Before you jump into the article, take a look at the video for a visual guide on how to move data from Zendesk to Freshdesk: 

Using a Third Party Paid Automated Service

An automated Help Desk Migration Service releases you from all the technical stuff like file export/import. It guides you through Zendesk to Freshdesk migration process that includes 4 steps.

First, you provide access to your Zendesk and Freshdesk accounts. Then you select from the list the entities that should be migrated. On the next step, you run a test migration, move a part of your data into your Freshdesk account and check how it looks here. And finally, if everything works as expected you proceed to the full migration and enjoy your new help desk.

What you can migrate: Tickets, Contacts, Knowledgebase. Check the full list here.

The level of technical competence required to use the method: PC user, No coding knowledge required.

Exporting Data Manually Via CSV or XML file

Zendesk and Freshdesk provide built-in export/import tools but both have limitations for manual data migration.

Firstly, to export data from Zendesk you should be on their Professional or Enterprise plan. But even if you were signed up to either of them you can’t get your knowledgebase migrated due to the Zendesk limitations. Besides, Freshdesk supports only customer and company data import at the moment.

What you can migrate: Customer/Company data with custom fields.

The level of technical competence: advanced PC and software user.

Using the API to Migrate

API provides almost unlimited opportunities for data migration. But this method requires the highest level of tech expertise. So to transfer the data via API you must either have a tech expert in your company or hire a developer which can be very expensive. If you’ve decided on migrating via API on your own, be sure to disable all email notifications in the admin panel. Otherwise, your users will be spammed by useless notifications.  

What you can migrate: Tickets, Contacts, Knowledgebase, and other entities.

The level of technical competence: advanced tech knowledge, hands-on coding experience.


The limitations of the manual method actually reduce your choice to either migrating via API or using an automated service. If you don’t have a competent tech engineer in your team, using the automated service would definitely be much cheaper, faster and painless. If you have got a tech pro who can use the API, you can still compare the value of the time he is going to spend and the price of the automated migration.

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