What is Freshdesk? Freshdesk review

While most understand the need for a good service desk system, few realize that picking one can be a challenge. There are so many different iterations of seemingly the same software but looking at it from a different angle, it's clear that they aren’t so similar. And this is exactly what is Freshdesk. It’s a different beast as it has a number of different things that aren’t present anywhere. If you ever wanted to find out what is Freshdesk, and what separates it from the competition? Here is our Freshdesk review!

Under the microscope

As the name suggests, Freshdesk is a service desk solution that is powered by a number of features. Each function, each menu, and every report is designed to increase agent productivity and eliminate mundane work. Freshdesk software was made for both large and small organizations in mind, and this exactly reflected in the functions.

Freshdesk features multiple modules that will help you reach prospects in a number of different ways. Be it social media, email, or phone, Freshdesk benefits users thanks to the included multi-channel support. Another key component of Freshdesk software suite is the inclusion of automation and gamification tools. These help business solve a wide range of consumer issues, as well as a number of internal problems.

Freshdesk Features

Freshdesk has many different features that aim to improve your productivity. Each tool is designed to accelerate time to market and will help your agents solve a myriad of issues without the need to scroll Google. Here are some of the key ones:

Community — One of the key Freshdesk benefits is the ability to create a community. This essentially allows you to transform your customers into community members where they can share ideas, report issues, and encourage others to try new products.

Knowledge Base — Most help desks have a dedicated knowledge base system and Freshdesk is no different. With this feature, you can provide your agents with all the right answers. But what’s really cool about this feature is that you can direct customers to a self-serving portal.

Global support — Our Freshdesk review wouldn’t be complete if we omitted global support. It’s a powerful communication system that allows you to offer customer support in multiple time zones.

Game Mechanics — Some agents might be good sales but they aren’t as good keeping the right mood. Freshdesk understands this and this is why they have a robust game-based system that encourages your employees to keep up with the competition.


Freshdesk pricing is clear. You get to choose from five different plans that have a distinct set of assigned possibilities.

Sprout (Free) - This is a free option that has a few basic features such as Email Ticketing, Social Ticketing, and the ability to set up a knowledge base.

Blossom ($15) - As far as Freshdesk pricing system goes, this is considered to be the starter pack. It has everything the free plan has and adds Collision Detection, Business Hours, and Automation.

Garden ($29) - This tariff is considered to be the golden standard. It has all of the above-mentioned features and adds Time Tracking, CSAT Surveys, and even Session Replay.

Estate ($49) - As you might have guessed, it has everything that Garden has and adds Ticket Automation, Custom Roles, Portal Customization, and Enterprise Reporting into the mix.

Forest ($109) - Finally, there’s the top tier. Its a culmination of everything above and then some more. From Skill-based Ticket Assignment to HIPAA Compliance, you get practically everything you might ever need from a service desk.


So there you have a Freshdesk review. Hopefully, we managed to show you what is Freshdesk and what you can expect from it. Freshdesk pricing is pretty wide and the overall number of features you’ll get is quite high. If you consider Freshdesk as your next platform, we suggest you set up a demo with your data, and if you are having trouble, you can always ask us to help. We’ll contact Freshdesk and sort everything. Good luck.

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