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The Value of Help Desk Software for eCommerce

To kick things off, the online shopping has become a given commodity for the customers. Right now you can search and buy things anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Multiple choices spur to heighten the customer service quality, and eCommerce is not an exception.

The correlation between the business success and customer satisfaction is far from groundbreaking. Perhaps, you even got used to setting a customer service quality as one of the critical factors for the profitability of your business, brand, or store (online and offline as well.) Here’s the point: along with routinely telling that companies care about a positive customer experience, nearly 2/3 of customer bases leave for a competitor due to the nasty experience. So customer service in eCommerce goes along with a collocation “there is always room for improvement.” And there’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s okay.

A map of a customer journey

help desk software for ecommerce
Usually, customers have the points of interacting with your company: sale, delivery, and turning to customer service if there are some questions or problems. To put it simply, you got three options for building up a connection or strengthening a relationship with a client.

Quite simple to outline that there a limited number of opportunities to keep a customer happy, so the satisfying customer experience is vital for eCommerce. In case, one of these interactions will be wrong or disappointing for a customer. They will leave for another product or offer without hesitation.

Is multichannel support a must?

Obviously, timely and professional customer service plays a critical role in long-term business success. In some cases, it is as important as your brand definition. Once you apply the multichannel approach to handle customer questions, you will derive advantage of email, social media, phone support, live chat, and help desk solution more than you might be thought. How will it happen? Despite the channel they used to connect, you will be there to solve the problem on time.

Wow your customers

help desk software for ecommerceAny successful eCommerce business can hardly be imagined without outstanding customer service. It may have various forms, for example, a part of your marketing strategy, customer retentions tactics, or growing the popularity of your store in social media and the like.

There is no easy way to ever-growing sales. However, to attract and keep customer attention you need to wow them. You may ask: “What is meant by saying to wow customer?” Well, by crafting a sound strategy and taking a holistic approach to offer outstanding service, you will exceed the expectations. That may sound fantastic and nearly impossible to exceed customer’s expectations, but help desk solutions may give a hand in dealing with this pressing task.

About help desk software in brief

Help desk apps are services for efficient multichannel customer support management in real time. eCommerce brands more often turn to these solutions for advancing and scaling up the customer service they provide. Besides, you have all customer data at hand, as well as facilitates interaction history tracking for a quick query respond. Also, let’s not forget that many help desk providers supply live chat, analytic and reporting tools, and SLA management.

The importance of help desk software for eCommerce

Being a customer-facing industry, eCommerce deals with huge query volumes. With the expansion of your market, the number of customer requests grows as well. Then you reach the point when to handle all requests timely is impossible. Here is a help desk to save your reputation and develop customer relationships. It is like a lifesaver for your customer support agents. They will be able to solve more requests at the same time.

Another benefit of help desk for eCommerce is aligned information to improve the customer support workflow. So, you acquire two win situations: satisfied customers and less stressed, exhausted support agents. And happy customers are more prone to purchase from you.

One more perk of the help desk is an FAQ section where your potential clients may find answers to some common questions. This option will be evaluated by the customers who prefer to find quick answers without getting in touch with a support agent.

Currently, there is no shortage of help desk options at the market. The point is to choose the one to suit your business goals and requirements of support agents. Either way, you can try the popular ones that offer a free trial period: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, HappyFox, and others.

A final word

In the end, this much was clear to run productive business means to offer a great product as well as outstanding customer service. Grab untapped opportunities and the investment into help desk for eCommerce will deliver benefits for your brand in the long run.

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