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Top 10 Customer Service Events to Visit this Fall

Going to a conference is like going back to school, yet more fun and exciting. Customer service events are great if you're looking for inspiration, answers to specific questions or have own ideas to share. And except for learning from top experts, you can also talk to other specialists like you. In fact, networking is the most important and beneficial part of attending a conference.

Without further ado, here is the list of exciting events that will take place this fall in Noth America and Europe. So, start packing!

North American Customer Service Events

#1 Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit

The primary goal of the CX summit this event is to learn how to differentiate your brand from the CX innovations. The experts of the industry will share their actionable insights in dealing with customer experience challenges in the digital age. Also, you will figure out the most popular routes the CX heading along with the role of AI in the upcoming trends. Let’s not forget about customers. The summit states that you will get the fresh insights into building a customer-first culture in the company, valuable strategies to multichannel and omnichannel support strategies.

Date: September 19-20, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL

CX professionals - $2,195 (conference only)
Vendors, suppliers & consultants - $2,795 (conference only)

Notable speakers:
Kristen Engelhardt, Vice President, Voice of the Customer at Salesforce
Nick Allen, Global Director of Design and User Experience at Ge Healthcare

#2 CX SF (Forrester Customer Experience Forum)

Forrester sets up customer experience forums around the world presented by its analysts and researchers. This year forum will reveal the secret of physical and digital customer experience integration. The innovators and technologists will share their insights on strategy upgrade and ways to develop connections and continuous customer experience both online and offline.

Date: October 2-3, 2018
Location: San Francisco, CA

Clients - $2,350
Non-clients - $2,550
Government, education and nonprofit - $2,250

Notable speakers:
Ben Galbraith, Head of Web Platform at Google
Jeffrey Hammond, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester
Sebastian Reichelt, Senior Director of Personalization at HelloFresh

#3 Advocamp

Advocamp is something like actually a camp where you get a balanced mix of fun and learning. Here you will figure out tactics for turning your customers into brand advocates along with driving the tangible business results.

Date: October 3, 2018
Location: online worldwide onsite in Toronto, Canada

Advocamp Field Day Online Conference - $59.00+ $5.34 Fee
Advocamp Field Day Onsite Experience - $374.00 + $22.90 Fee
Master Class Training - $374.00 + $22.90 Fee

Notable speakers:
Don Peppers, Founding Partner of Peppers & Rogers Group
Brian Solis, principal analyst and futurist at Altimeter, a Prophet Company

#4 The Customer Service Summit

Incite Group runs the Customer Service Summit for making large corporations to improve the quality of the customer service. The event dedicated to customer support across multiple channels. This is the place where customer support experts and leaders talk and share ideas on moving the customer service strategy forward to deliver best and meet increasing customer expectations.

Date: October 4-5, 2018
Location: New York, NY

Standard Pass - End Users- $2,195
Standard Pass - Vendors - $2,895
Executive Pass - End Users- $2,395
Executive Pass - Vendors - $3,095

Notable speakers:
Scott Chilson, VP, Customer Connectivity at Johnson & Johnson
Rebecca Josephson, VP of Digital Products Operations at HBO

#5 Customer SuccessCon

The SuccessCon gathers the C-level executives of customer support to analyze the current state of customer support and share case studies and best practices. It is usually kept in small sizes to ensure in-depth conversation and networking of attendees.

Date: October 29, 2018
Location: Seattle, WA

Early Bird - $295
General admission - $395

Notable speaker: Mike Blaisdell, Executive Director of the Customer Success Association

#6 DX Summit

DX Summit is an event for those customer support expert who wants to refresh and learn something new about customer experience with the focus on leadership, vision, and company culture development. CMSWire host the summit and aims to cover the unique, honest insights via firsthand case studies delivered by your peers. So, if you attend, you will hear from top-tier organizations like Cisco, Hilton, Hulu, Comcast, and many others.

Date: November 12-14, 2018
Location: Chicago, IL

Price: 3-day Full Pass - Early Bird - $2,195
3-day Full Pass - $2,495
2-day Full Pass - Early Bird - $1,595
2-day Full Pass - $1,895
Workshop Pass Early Bird - $905
Workshop Pass - $995

Notable speakers:
Diane Magers, CEO at CXPA
Barbara Lehman, Executive Director, Digital Transformation at Comcast

European Customer Service Events

#7 Customer SuccessCon

The Customer SuccessCon is a small event that facilitates networking a peculiarity of this event is in small size and enhanced conversations and networking. However, apart from the discussion of the trends in strategy, technology, and people in customer service, this conference offers the kind of recipe for customer success in Europe and Startups.

Date: September 4, 2018
Location: London

Price: General Admission - £255 + £59 VAT

Notable speakers:
Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of Customer Success Association
Cyrille Saulnier, Enterprise Director of Customer Success at Oracle

#8 Customer Service & Experience Summit

At thу СS&ES, the speakers will share their insights and cases on how AI, self-serve, empowered agents and social media can boost up your customer service and gain more loyal clients. Plus, this will be the first European meeting of such kind.

Date: September 18-19, 2018
Location: London

Standard Pass Brands: I.E in-house CS Leader - £1595 +VAT
Standard Pass Service Providers: I.E CS Software, Technology, Agency - £2095 +VAT
Executive Pass Brands: I.E in-house CS Leader - £1695 +VAT
Executive Pass Service Providers: I.E CS Software, Technology, Agency - £2195 +VAT

Notable speakers:
Seth Ellison Executive VP and President, Europe at Levi Strauss & Co.
Jo Moran, Head of Customer Service at Marks & Spencer
Joachim Franz, Head of Customer Experience Management at Volkswagen AG

#9 Customer Engagement Summit

Being the most prominent customer and employee event, the Customer Engagement Summit will share some tricks on staying agile at the current technology disruption, GDPR regulations, AI entrance into the customer service. Also, the topics of the conference are going to deal with the CX service design, digital customer engagement, the evolution of VOC and many other exciting aspects of the industry.

Date: November 12-13, 2018
Location: London

Price: Standard - £595 + £119 VAT

Notable speakers:
Tim Arthur, creative director at Virgin Money
Stephen Robertson, CEO at the Big Issue Foundation

#10 CX Europe

CX innovators take over the driving wheel of growth for their brands. Want to be one of them? Then this forum is right for you to attend. With the insights from the customer support experts, you will get tips on customer journey improvement, discover new business opportunities, expand customer relationship and get more actionable advice and toolsets.

Date: November 13-14, 2018
Location: London

Clients - £1,625
Non-clients - £1,725
Government, education, and nonprofit - £1,425

Notable speakers:
Robert Bridge, Chief Customer Officer at Telegraph Media Group
Cathy Thomson, Global Head of CX at Hostelworld Group

What if the price tag is hefty?

Frankly speaking, the tickets for some events can be expensive. Very expensive. But except for the tickets, there are expenses for transportation, accommodation, and food. Here's what you could do:

  1. Craft a good pitch.To have the company cover all the expenses, come up with some rock solid reasons why the event you want to visit is an opportunity for the whole company. For instance, make a list of people you want to talk to at the event and explain how every connection could be useful. Or suggest holding a master class where you will share the insights learned at the event.
  2. Apply as a speaker. If you have enough expertise in the field, apply as a speaker. Not only it is an opportunity to get a discount or a free admission, but it is also a chance to start building a personal brand and promote the company.
  3. Attend online. Check if they offer a possibility to watch the event online. Some conferences do free live streams or offer exclusive online seats, which are much cheaper. And you don't have to leave your home/office!

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